Dechra EicosaCaps Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement for Small Dogs and Cats – Promotes Healthy Skin and Coat for Pets Up to 40 lbs



Is your furry friend suffering from dry, flaky skin and a dull coat? As a pet owner, you know how upsetting it can be to see your cat or small dog constantly scratching or shedding. Skin irritation and coat issues often indicate that your pet is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids. While some pets get enough of these healthy fats from their diet, others need a nutritional supplement for additional support. That’s where Dechra EicosaCaps omega-3 fish oil comes in! Formulated just for cats and small dogs under 40 lbs, EicosaCaps delivers EPA and DHA to promote skin and coat health from the inside out.

How EicosaCaps Omega-3 Supplement Benefits Your Pet

Omega-3s provide pets with nourishment that can:

  • Improve skin and coat condition
  • Reduce dry, flaky, itchy skin
  • Minimize excessive shedding
  • Support joint health and mobility
  • Promote healthy cognitive function

The omega-3s in EicosaCaps come from cold water fish sources, providing EPA and DHA fatty acids that studies show pet’s cannot produce on their own. Essential for healthy cell growth and function, these nutrients support your cat or small dog’s wellbeing in so many ways! EicosaCaps makes it simple to supplement their diet with the omega-3s they need to look and feel their best.

Why Choose EicosaCaps Omega-3 for Your Pet?

Formulated just for cats and dogs under 40 lbs, EicosaCaps offers:

  • Concentrated omega-3s – 300 mg of EPA and DHA per softgel capsule
  • Digestibility – Highly bioavailable source from cold water fish
  • Purity – Molecularly distilled, low odor and contaminants
  • Potency – Pharmaceutical grade fish oil
  • GCCP compliant – Meets Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Made in the USA – Produced in an NASC audited facility

Pet owners trust Dechra to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements. With a concentrated formula tailored to cats and small dogs, EicosaCaps makes it easy to enrich your pet’s diet with omega-3 fatty acids for skin, coat, joint, brain, and whole body health!

Simple Dosing for Optimal Results

Just one EicosaCaps softgel per 10 lbs of body weight is all it takes! For optimal results:

  • Cats under 10 lbs – 1 capsule daily
  • Dogs 10-20 lbs – 1 capsule daily
  • Dogs 20-30 lbs – 2 capsules daily
  • Dogs 30-40 lbs – 3 capsules daily

EicosaCaps have a mild fish flavor that most pets love. Offer as a treat, mix into meals, or hide in their favorite food. It’s as easy as that!

See the Difference Omega-3s Make!

With Dechra EicosaCaps, you can supplement your cat or small dog with the omega-3 fatty acids they need to look and feel their very best. Customers report improvement in skin, coat, mobility, and attitude when adding this fish oil to their pet’s diet. With regular use, EicosaCaps may:

  • Minimize dry, flaky, irritated skin
  • Reduce excessive shedding and hairballs
  • Improve dull, brittle coats
  • Ease joint stiffness from aging or activity
  • Support cognitive function and responsiveness

Healthy skin, lush coats, and improved vitality – what pet wouldn’t love those benefits? Give EicosaCaps omega-3 supplements a try and see the difference quality fish oil can make. Your cat or small dog will feel and look better than ever!

Made in the USA, Dechra EicosaCaps Omega-3 Supplement offers nutritional support for pets up to 40 lbs. Talk to your veterinarian about adding this fish oil to promote your furry friend’s health and happiness. Order EicosaCaps now and start seeing benefits for skin, coat, joints, brain, and the whole body!


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