CV Air Freshener Refill – Eliminate Odors for 30 Days



Tired of air fresheners that just mask odors temporarily? Want something that actually eliminates odors for good? Look no further than the CV Air Freshener Refill with Clean & Fresh Scent.

This unique air freshener doesn’t just cover up odors, it destroys them at the molecular level so they are gone for good. The advanced formula uses odor counteractants that bond with and neutralize nasty smells from pets, smoke, cooking, mold and more. Once the odor molecules are destroyed, the fresh clean scent takes over leaving your home smelling clean and breathable.

One refill canister provides 30 days of continuous odor elimination power. It works by metered release so you get just the right amount of fragrance over time. No need to constantly respray or worry that the scent will be too overpowering. Just pop it in an automatic dispenser and let the freshening begin!

The clean and fresh scent is uplifting and pleasant without being overbearing. Notes of citrus, lavender and green tea leaves provide a crisp, inviting aroma that makes any room more enjoyable to be in. It’s a universally appealing fragrance that works for any home or office.

Some key benefits of the CV Air Freshener Refill:

  • Destroys odors at the source instead of temporarily masking them
  • Lasts for 30 days of continuous odor control
  • Ideal for homes, offices, hotels, bathrooms and more
  • Clean and fresh scent uplifts moods without being overpowering
  • Metered release automatically freshens rooms
  • One can treats areas up to 600 square feet

This refill can is designed to work with automatic air freshener dispensers like:

  • The Country Vet Flying Insect & Air Freshening Kits (excluding 2 oz size)
  • Nilotron Aerosol Dispensing Kit

To use, simply insert the refill can into the dispenser following the instructions. Then set the dispenser in an appropriate location in the room you want to freshen. The metered fragrance will automatically release providing round-the-clock odor elimination and air freshening.

No more putting up with unpleasant pet, smoke or mold odors in your home. This long-lasting air freshener refill will make any room cleaner and more inviting by destroying odors at the source. The clean and fresh scent creates an uplifting environment while neutralizing nasty smells from pets, cooking, smoke and everyday living.

Bring the freshness back and breathe easier with the CV Air Freshener Refill. Order a canister today and say goodbye to odors for good!


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