Curicyn Blood Stop Powder – Fast Acting Hemostatic Agent for Pets



Treat Bleeding Fast and Promote Healing with Curicyn Blood Stop Powder

Does your pet get into scrapes and come home with bleeding cuts and scrapes? As a pet owner, you know how scary it can be when your furry friend is hurt. Being prepared with a fast-acting hemostatic agent like Curicyn Blood Stop Powder can help stop bleeding fast and may just save your pet’s life.

Curicyn Blood Stop Powder is a natural mineral-based styptic powder that helps accelerate clotting when applied directly to open wounds. The active ingredients, bentonite clay and potassium aluminum sulfate, work quickly to seal injured blood vessels and stop bleeding caused by minor to severe lacerations, abrasions, surgical procedures, and nail trim accidents.

Stop Bleeding Fast

Excessive bleeding can quickly become life-threatening for cats, dogs, horses, pigs, and other pets. Curicyn blood clotting powder gets to work immediately on contact with blood and bodily fluids to speed up the body’s coagulation cascade.

The bentonite clay in the formula acts as a coagulant to kickstart the clotting process. It absorbs water from the blood, concentrating platelets and coagulation factors to form a clot rapidly.

The potassium aluminum sulfate constricts blood vessels, slowing blood flow to the wound so a clot can stabilize and halt hemorrhaging.

Together, these natural mineral ingredients promote extremely rapid coagulation to prevent ongoing blood loss in seconds. Curicyn blood stop powder is highly effective for treating gushing wounds that need immediate intervention.

All-Natural Ingredients

Curicyn Blood Stop Powder contains just two active ingredients:

98% pharmaceutical grade bentonite clay
2% potassium aluminum sulfate
These components are naturally occurring mineral compounds, not chemicals or drugs. When used as directed on pets, the ingredients are completely safe and non-toxic.

Bentonite clay is composed of aged volcanic ash that is purified and pH balanced. Potassium aluminum sulfate is a type of alum derived from aluminum ore.

Curicyn blood clotting powder for pets contains no synthetic compounds, animal products, or potential allergens. It’s suitable for use on cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, pigs, and other animals with no risk of dangerous side effects.

Easy Application

Curicyn’s blood stop powder features a tapered tip applicator that allows you to quickly dose the wound to control bleeding.

To use it for dog and cat first aid:

Remove fur around the laceration so the powder can reach the source of bleeding.
Twist open the applicator tip and sprinkle the clotting powder directly onto the wound, holding the bottle 1-2 inches away.
Apply constant, even pressure for 30 seconds to allow the powder to take effect.
Repeat application if blood continues seeping from the cut.
For deeper cuts, insert the tapered applicator tip into the wound to deliver the hemostatic powder internally before closing it.

The fine powder absorbs liquid on contact to accelerate clotting. The unique applicator makes it easy to target the bleeding, even in wounds on paws or other hard-to-reach spots.

Soothe and Protect

In addition to its fast-acting hemostatic properties, Curicyn Blood Stop Powder can also be used after bleeding subsides to promote healing and comfort.

The bentonite clay in the formula helps:

Draw out inflammation, fluids, and toxins from the wound site
Form a protective barrier against dirt and germs trying to invade the cut
Reduce pain and irritation around the laceration
Applying a light layer of the powder around closed wounds helps guard against infection, reduces swelling, and protects tender tissue as it regenerates.

For All Animals

Curicyn Blood Stop Powder isn’t just for cats and dogs. It can be a lifesaving addition to your first aid kit for:

Horses – Treat leg lacerations, harness abrasions, saddle sores
Cattle and Pigs – Stop bleeding from castrations, dehorning, branding
Rabbits and Ferrets – Care for pet scratches, bites, nail trims gone awry
Pocket Pets – Hedgehogs, sugar gliders, chinchillas, and more
Birds – Be prepared for broken blood feathers and clipped nails
Any pet, large or small, can benefit from the quick clotting and healing properties in an emergency. Curicyn blood stop powder is a must-have for pet owners, veterinarians, farmers, animal hospitals, and wildlife rehabilitators.

Be Prepared

Accidents happen, and when they do, Curicyn Blood Stop Powder allows you to take swift action to control bleeding right away. Having this all-natural hemostatic agent on hand can help prevent situations from becoming life-threatening emergencies.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – be proactive and protect your pets with Curicyn today!


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