Creative Science Clotisol Blood Clotting Suspension | Fast & Effective Bleeding Control for Minor Cuts



Stop Bleeding Fast with Clotisol Blood Clotting Suspension!

Bleeding from small cuts and wounds can be scary and inconvenient. But now you can stop minor bleeding quickly and easily with Clotisol Blood Clotting Suspension. This innovative hemostatic solution helps blood clot rapidly so you can get back to your day.

Clotisol uses a proprietary formula containing fibrin and thrombin – substances vital to the body’s natural clotting process. When applied to a bleeding wound, it interacts with blood proteins to form an artificial clot within seconds. The bleeding stops, allowing the body’s healing process to begin.

This versatile product is a must-have for pet owners, groomers, breeders, aviaries, and anyone who wants to control minor bleeding from small cuts, nail trims, beak trims, and more. Keep a bottle handy for minor accidents and first aid emergencies. Here’s why pet owners love Clotisol:

Stops Bleeding in Seconds
Clotisol begins working immediately on contact with blood and wounds. The proprietary formulation kickstarts the clotting cascade, allowing a clot to form within seconds. No more waiting around for minor cuts to stop oozing.

Easy, Targeted Application

With its squeeze bottle and narrow tip applicator, Clotisol allows you to pinpoint the bleeding area for focused treatment. No mess, no waste. Just point and squeeze for precise bleeding control.

Safe and Effective Ingredients
Clotisol contains pharmaceutical-grade human fibrin and thrombin proteins to mimic the body’s own clotting mechanism. The formula is safe for use on pets when used as directed.

Versatile – Use On All Your Pets

Clotisol can be used equally well on dogs, cats, pet birds, and even exotic animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and lizards. It’s a multi-species solution for minor bleeding control.

Ideal For:

Nail trims – Stop bleeding from clipped nails
Beak trims on birds
Minor cuts and lacerations
Skin tears
Bleeding during medical procedures
Any situation requiring rapid hemorrhage control

Veterinarians, pet groomers, breeders, and avian specialists love keeping Clotisol on hand for minor bleeds. But regular pet owners find it invaluable too. Keep it in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet to have on hand for emergencies. It’s easier and safer than trying to make DIY clotting mixtures.

How To Use:

Clean wound area with saline or water to remove debris
Apply thin layer of Clotisol suspension directly to wound
Apply light pressure to area for 15-30 seconds
Repeat application if bleeding persists
Bandage and monitor wound per veterinarian’s advice

Shake bottle gently before each use
Don’t swallow product
Avoid contact with eyes
Don’t apply over large wounds, for internal use, or in body cavities
Seek veterinary care for severe bleeding not controlled with Clotisol

With the power of Clotisol, you’ll be prepared to handle minor bleeding emergencies. Order today and be ready to take control the next time a cut or wound starts oozing. This innovative hemostatic agent is a must for every pet owner!


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