Citronella Bark Control Spray Collar – Stop The Barking with a Safe Vibration Training Collar for Dogs



Is your dog’s constant barking driving you crazy? Do your neighbors complain about the noise every time you leave your pup at home? Excessive and unwanted barking is a common problem for pet owners, but luckily there’s a humane solution – the Citronella Bark Control Spray Collar.

This innovative collar uses a burst of harmless citronella spray, vibration, and beep tones to safely and humanely stop nuisance barking and train your dog not to bark unnecessarily. Unlike shock collars which use pain and fear to force your dog into compliance, our collar uses positive reinforcement training methods that are recommended by dog behavior experts and veterinarians.

Key Features:

  • 3 training modes – citronella spray, vibration, and beep tone
  • 3 spray volume levels – single spray, double spray, triple spray
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 12 days (30 days for remote)
  • 1000 ft remote control range with LED indicator lights
  • Fits necks 8-27 inches – suitable for dogs over 8 lbs
  • Water resistant receiver – ok for light rain or wet grass
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Includes remote, collar, citronella refill can, USB charger, manual

Stop Unwanted Barking Without Pain

Dogs naturally dislike the smell of citronella, so a quick spritz near their nose provides an unpleasant stimulus that deters excessive vocalization. The collar emits a fresh citronella fragrance each time your dog barks that distracts them from barking without causing any pain or discomfort.

You can choose between 1, 2 or 3 sprays for each bark depending on your dog’s sensitivity level. The spray volume is powerful yet gentle enough that it won’t hurt their eyes or face.

The adjustable collar has different levels of vibration and beep tones so you can find the right deterrent for your pet. Varying the training mode prevents your dog from getting used to one stimulus and ignoring it over time.

More Effective and Humane Than Shock Collars

Shock collars use electric current to punish and intimidate dogs into stopping unwanted behaviors. This causes physical and psychological harm including burns, yelping, and increased fear or aggression. Citronella collars use positive reinforcement methods to naturally deter barking without any pain or cruelty.

Citronella provides a safe yet unpleasant sensory trigger that teaches dogs to associate nuisance barking with an annoying smell. By redirecting their focus away from barking, you can permanently change this behavior over time. Shock collars only suppress the symptom and don’t address the root cause.

Customizable Settings for All Dogs

Our citronella anti-bark collar is designed to suit any breed or size of dog over 8 lbs. The adjustable nylon collar strap fits neck circumferences from 8 to 27 inches so you can securely fit small, medium and large dogs.

With 1000 ft of remote range you can maintain control of the training collar even when your pup is far away in the yard. The remote includes indicator lights to show spray activation and battery levels.

You can choose the vibration or beep tone intensity and the 1-3 spray volume to match your dog’s temperament and sensitivity. Start on lower settings and work upwards to find the right deterrent level for your pet.

Rechargeable and Water Resistant

The lithium-ion battery only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge with the included USB cable. This gives up to 12 days of use from the collar receiver and 30 days for the remote. No more wasting money on disposable batteries!

The collar receiver is designed to withstand exposure to moisture such as light rain, mist or wet grass. However it should NOT be submerged in water or heavily soaked. Take the collar off before bathing, swimming, or playing in water.

Train Your Dog to Stop Unwanted Barking

Excessive and unnecessary barking is one of the most frustrating issues dog owners have to deal with. It strains relationships with neighbors, disturbs your household, and can even lead to violent outbursts if your dog barks at passersby or other animals.

Our citronella bark collar provides a safe and effective way to train your dog not to bark constantly without good reason. Using humane sensory deterrents, you can curb this behavior and help your dog be a good canine citizen.

Regain peace and quiet in your home, stop annoying the neighbors, and enjoy a calmer life with your furry friend. The citronella training collar promotes positive reinforcement to permanently stop nuisance barking. Order today and say goodbye to problem barking for good!


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