CIICII Professional Pet Grooming Scissors – Keep Your Furry Friend Looking Fabulous



Give your dog or cat the ultimate haircut with the CIICII Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set. This top-rated grooming kit has everything needed to DIY trim, cut, and style your pet’s coat at home.

Safely Cut Pet Hair with Premium Stainless Steel Blades

The CIICII grooming scissors feature high-quality stainless steel blades that glide through fur with ease. The sharp, precision-ground edges provide clean, smooth cuts every time. An offset handle design reduces hand strain for comfortable styling.

Best of all, the round safety tips on the scissors prevent accidental poking or scratching. No more worrying about injuries during home pet grooming sessions!

Thin and Taper Fur with Ease

The kit includes thinning scissors perfect for thinning out thick coats or removing bulk from fluffy undercoats. The unique 33-tooth design slices through each strand of hair for expert thinning and tapering.

For precision shaping, the professional curved tip scissors allow you to delicately trim around eyes, ears, paws, and other sensitive areas. The contoured blades give you better visibility and control.

DIY Pet Grooming Made Simple

With a handy 6.5-inch length, these grooming shears fit comfortably in your hand for easy maneuvering. An adjustable screw helps customize the scissors’ tension to your preference.

The ergonomic handles reduce hand strain so you can groom longer. A protective finger insert ensures comfort and safety.

Salon-Quality Trims Without the Hassle

Skip the pet salon and bond with your furry friend while styling their coat at home. This professional 3-piece set has all the grooming scissors you need for a complete haircut.

The kit includes:

  • 1 pair of steel hair cutting scissors
  • 1 pair of steel thinning scissors
  • 1 pair of steel curved tip detail scissors
  • 1 stainless steel grooming comb
  • 2 hair clips
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Leather storage case

Maintenance Made Easy

Keep your grooming shears working like new with the included cleaning cloth. Wipe down the blades after each use to maintain their sharp performance. The adjustable screw allows tightening if the scissors become loose over time.

Store the set neatly in the premium leather case to prevent damage. The case has designated slots for each scissors pair and grooming comb. Everything stays organized and protected.

Groom Your Pet in Style

Impress your furry friend with salon-worthy DIY haircuts. The CIICII pet grooming scissors kit allows you to stylishly trim and thin your dog or cat’s coat.

Choose from classic summer cuts like the teddy bear or town and country. Or try fun styles like mohawks, lion trims, or pretty bows.

With the right tools, you can create any look while bonding with your pet. No more being tied to grooming appointment schedules or paying sky-high salon prices.

Buy With Confidence

CIICII offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 365-day warranty on the grooming scissors set. We stand behind our products and will replace anything that’s defective.

Thousands of pet owners trust CIICII grooming tools like these precise, sharp shears. Join them in conveniently trimming pet hair at home while saving money.

Give Your Pet a Salon-Quality Look Year-Round

Treat your furry companion to professional grooming results without the hassle or cost. The CIICII Pet Grooming Scissors Set equips you with the quality tools needed for DIY styling.

Order now and your pet will look picture perfect.


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