Chenkaiyang Puppy Collars for Lil’ Pups – Keep Track of Your Precious Pooches with These Colorful, Comfortable ID Collars



As a new pet parent welcoming a litter of puppies, you want to keep your fuzzy babies safe, healthy, and easy to identify. That’s where these adjustable Chenkaiyang puppy collars come in handy! Made with soft, non-toxic materials, they ensure your pups’ comfort while helping you tell who’s who.

Adjustable and Comfortable for Growing Puppy Necks

Puppies grow incredibly fast, especially in the first few months. That’s why these collars are designed with adjustable straps to accommodate their quickly changing neck sizes.

The collars are available in two size ranges:

  • Small – Fits neck sizes 6.7″ – 10.2″
  • Medium – Fits neck sizes 7.5″ – 12.5″

Just slide the strap through the buckle to loosen or tighten it as needed. The wide 2/5″ strap distributes pressure gently and won’t chafe tender puppy skin.

Made from soft PVC and PP materials, the collars are durable yet comfy for everyday wear. Their smooth surfaces won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Vibrant Colors Make Identifying Each Pup a Breeze

When you’ve got a whole litter of lookalike pups, telling them apart can be tricky! That’s why each of these collars comes in a different bright, fun color.

Whether you’ve got black, brown, white, or multi-colored puppies, assigning each one their own colorful collar makes it easy to identify them. No more mixups at feeding time or checking whose turn it is for tummy rubs.

The 12-pack includes Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, White, Light Blue, Light Green, and Light Pink. With this rainbow assortment, you can color coordinate litters of up to a dozen pups.

High Quality Materials Keep Pups Comfortable

The last thing you want is for a collar to irritate your pup’s sensitive skin. That’s why these collars are constructed from top-notch materials designed for comfort:

  • PVC – The adjustable strap is made from flexible yet sturdy polyvinyl chloride. It maintains its shape while staying gentle against puppy fur and skin.
  • PP – The buckle utilizes polypropylene plastic for smooth, finished edges that won’t scratch. It slides easily to adjust sizing.

These non-toxic materials are totally safe for everyday puppy wear. Their skin-friendly surfaces can be easily wiped clean as needed.

Perfect for Identifying Litters of All Types of Baby Animals

While these collars are ideal for puppies, their design makes them versatile for other animals too:

  • Kittens – Adjust the strap down to the tightest sizing to identify playful newborn kittens.
  • Bunnies – The soft materials won’t irritate delicate rabbit skin.
  • Guinea Pigs – Their small necks fit comfortably in the petite size options.
  • Other Rodents – Use for rats, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and more.

The colors help you keep track of large litters of small animals. And when they’re older, you’ll have cute keepsake collars marking their baby days.

Generous Pack of 12 Collars – No Need to Buy Extras

A litter can produce up to a dozen or more puppies. So instead of buying multiple packs of collars, this bundle gives you all you need in one.

The 12 vivid shades mean you’re prepared for distinguishing each pup right from birth. No more emergency runs to the pet store when a surprise extra pup arrives.

At such an affordable price for so many collars, this is a can’t-miss deal for any expectant pet parent. There’s no cheaper way to get high quality collars in every color you could need.

Keep Your Pups Identified & Safe from Day One

As a conscientious owner, you want to provide the very best care for your puppies starting at birth. These adjustable collars allow you to:

  • Track each puppy’s feeding and sleep schedules.
  • Monitor growth and weight gain.
  • Identify which puppies need supplemental care.
  • Keep energetic explorers from wandering off.
  • Distinguish lookalike appearances.
  • And so much more!

Give your lively litter the colorful, comfy puppy collars they need to grow up happy and healthy. Both you and the new pup parents welcoming them home will appreciate how these collars help keep track of puppy antics.

We Know You Want What’s Best for Your Pups

As fellow pet lovers, we absolutely stand behind the quality of these puppy identification collars. We choose materials meticulously to be completely non-toxic and gentle for those adorable fur babies.

We’re confident these collars will make your life easier while keeping your puppies comfy. However, if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just contact us. We’ll make it right with a full refund or replacement.

Our friendly customer service team is always ready to help at anytime. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. Your pups’ health and happiness are our top priority!


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