CHBORCHICEN 2-Pack Adjustable Reflective Cat Collars with Bell – Cute & Safe Collars for Your Furry Friends



Keep your furry friends safe and stylish with this 2-pack of adjustable cat collars from CHBORCHICEN. One collar features a reflective strip for improved nighttime visibility, while the other has a fun pawprint pattern that your cat will love. With 8 different color options, you can find the perfect collars to match your cat’s personality.

Reflective Collar for Improved Visibility

The reflective collar ensures your cat is visible even in low light conditions. The reflective strip bounces back light from headlights and flashlights, making it much easier for drivers and neighbors to spot your cat if they happen to get outside at night. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your cat is visible after dark.

Adorable Pawprint Collar

The pawprint collar adds a touch of personality and style to your cat’s look. The raised pawprint pattern is super cute and perfect for any cat lover. Choose between 6 fun colors like pink, blue, green and more. This collar will look adorable on your furry friend while also serving its important purpose.

Fits Necks 8-12 Inches

These collars are designed to fit small cats with neck sizes from 8 to 12 inches. They use adjustable buckles, so you can find the perfect custom fit for your cat. The collars are made of durable polyester webbing that provides just the right amount of stretch.

Safety Bell Included

A bell is attached to each collar to give your cat some added safety. The bell jingles when your cat is on the move, alerting birds and small animals to your cat’s presence. This helps prevent accidents or injuries caused by your cat unintentionally sneaking up on wildlife. The bell also alerts you to your cat’s location when they are on the prowl around the house.

Easy On, Easy Off Buckle

These collars feature a sturdy but simple plastic buckle that is easy to fasten and unfasten as needed. The buckle allows you to securely adjust the collar to your cat’s neck size while still being able to quickly remove the collar for bath time or other needs. No more fussing with tricky clasps or snaps!

Provides Identification

In addition to increasing visibility and safety, these collars also provide identification for your cat. Personalize the collar with an ID tag featuring your cat’s name and your phone number. This ensures your cat can be identified and returned home quickly if they ever get lost. The collar also lets neighbors know your cat is owned and not a stray.

Comfortable & Durable

Made from woven polyester, these collars are soft and comfortable against your cat’s neck. The material is also durable to withstand daily wear and tear. It resists stretching, staining, and fading over time. The stitching is reinforced to prevent fraying or tearing.

Great for Both Cats & Small Dogs

While designed as cat collars, these also work excellently for small dog breeds. If your small dog has a neck size of 8 to 12 inches, these collars will fit them perfectly. The stylish patterns and reflective strip will look great on your pup.

Easy to Clean

You can easily hand wash or spot clean these collars as needed to keep them looking like new. The polyester material can be cleaned with soap and water, then air dried. Periodic cleaning keeps the colors bright and removes any odors.

Love Your Pet? Get This 2-Pack!

If you want to keep your beloved cat or small dog safe while also showing off their unique personality, this 2-pack of collars is just what you need. With both a reflective and patterned collar included, you get double the options and value. Click Add to Cart now to get these stylish and safety-focused collars for your furry friend!


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