Cesar Wet Dog Food Breakfast Variety Bundle – 4 Delicious Flavors in Single-Serve Trays (8 Count) Plus My Buddy Notepad



Feed your furry friend a mouthwatering breakfast every morning with the Cesar Wet Dog Food Breakfast Variety Bundle. This bundle contains 8 single-serve trays with 4 delightful Cesar recipes your dog is sure to love.

The wet dog food trays come in the following flavors:

  • Grilled Chicken Recipe in Sauce
  • Steak & Veggie Medley in Sauce
  • Chicken, Rice & Veggie Medley in Sauce
  • Beef, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Medley in Sauce

You get two trays of each flavor so your pup can enjoy a little variety with their morning meal. Cesar uses only high-quality ingredients like real chicken, beef, rice, veggies, and cheese to create cuisine your dog will go crazy for.

Each easy peel-away tray contains 3.5 oz of wet dog food perfect for small and toy breed dogs. The trays make for quick and convenient single-serve portions you can grab straight from the fridge. No need to scoop or store leftovers. Toss the tray when your pup is finished with their meal.

Cesar wet dog food is more than just tasty – it’s also nutritious! Every recipe is fortified with vitamins and minerals to give your dog balanced nutrition in every bite. This helps small dogs meet their unique nutritional needs and stay healthy.

The wet food has a smooth, pâté-style texture that even the pickiest pups love. It’s great for enhancing dry kibble or feeding on its own as a complete and balanced meal. Your dog will think they died and went to doggy heaven when you start serving Cesar gourmet wet food for breakfast.

Benefits of Feeding Cesar Wet Dog Food

  • Irresistible flavor – Real meat is the #1 ingredient in all recipes to entice even picky eaters.
  • Nutritional fortification – Vitamins and minerals meet small dogs’ nutritional needs.
  • Single-serve trays – Convenient trays with peel-away seal make mealtime a breeze.
  • High-quality ingredients – Formulas feature real chicken, beef, veggies and more.
  • Variety – Four mouthwatering recipes give your dog flavor and texture variety.

Give Your Dog the Breakfast They Deserve

Skip the boring kibble and give your four-legged friend a gourmet Cesar breakfast! They’ll think they’re getting a special treat but really you’re just serving up balanced nutrition in a mouthwatering meal.

Dogs of all sizes will love diving into these tasty trays. The pâté-style Cesar recipes are soft enough even for senior dogs with dental issues. Feel confident feeding wet food knowing it’s fortified to meet small dogs’ unique nutritional requirements.

With four delicious flavors to choose from, your dog will enjoy a little variety each morning. Serve one recipe for a few days then switch it up to keep their tastebuds excited. See which recipes earn the most enthusiastic tail wags!

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Make it count for your furry companion with Cesar gourmet wet dog food. The single-serve trays take the hassle out of meal prep. Simply open, serve, and let your pup enjoy.

Your dog does so much for you already – don’t they deserve a special breakfast? With Cesar Wet Dog Food Breakfast Variety Bundle, you can feed them restaurant-quality cuisine every morning.

What’s Included

8 Single-Serve Trays (3.5 oz each)
2 Trays Grilled Chicken Recipe in Sauce
2 Trays Steak & Veggie Medley in Sauce
2 Trays Chicken, Rice & Veggie Medley in Sauce
2 Trays Beef, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Medley in Sauce
Bonus My Buddy Notepad with Pen

Give the Gift of Gourmet

Know someone else with a spoiled pooch? The Cesar Breakfast Variety Bundle makes a thoughtful gift for dog lovers! Include the bonus My Buddy notepad with pen so they can jot down puppy notes or make a grocery list after ordering their next round of Cesar wet food.

With this bundle, you get the complete breakfast package to start your dog’s day off on the right paw. Click Add to Cart now to treat your small breed dog to mouthwatering Cesar meals every morning!


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