CESAR Soft Wet Filets in Gravy Dog Food Variety Pack – Filet Mignon and New York Strip Flavors (12 Count 3.5oz Trays)



Pamper your pooch with a delicious mealtime experience! The CESAR Soft Wet Filets in Gravy Dog Food Variety Pack includes two mouthwatering flavors – Filet Mignon and New York Strip. Made with real meat as the #1 ingredient, these premium wet dog food trays are sure to please even the pickiest of pups.

This 12-count variety pack contains two tantalizing recipes for mealtime variety. There are 6 trays of Filet Mignon flavor and 6 trays of New York Strip flavor, each tray containing 3.5 oz of food. Both recipes feature tender cuts of real meat served in a savory gravy that dogs love. Watch your furry friend savor each morsel as they lap up the rich, meaty gravy.

Why Choose CESAR Filets in Gravy?

Real Meat is the #1 Ingredient

Dogs are carnivores, so they naturally crave meat. That’s why real meat is the first ingredient in CESAR Filets in Gravy recipes. Beef takes center stage in these grain-free entrees, providing essential protein to support strong muscles. With a taste dogs love and nutrients they need, it’s a winning combination.

Made with Delicious, High-Quality Ingredients

You want the best for your best friend! That’s why CESAR uses only premium ingredients you can feel good about feeding your dog. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, just quality ingredients like real meat, vegetables and minerals for a balanced diet.

Convenient Trays with Easy-Peel Film

CESAR Filets in Gravy trays make mealtimes mess-free. Each tray has an easy peel-away film so you can serve your dog a fresh meal without any hassle. No need to dump food into a bowl – just peel open the tray and let your dog lick up every last morsel of meaty gravy and tender, bite-sized pieces.

Provides 100% Complete & Balanced Nutrition

CESAR recipes provide complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs when fed as directed. You can feel confident feeding CESAR Filets in Gravy for a meal or snack, knowing each tray has optimal levels of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to meet your dog’s needs. Consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Key Features

  • Grain-free wet dog food packed in convenient trays
  • Features two mouthwatering recipes – Filet Mignon and New York Strip flavors
  • Real beef is the first ingredient in both recipes
  • Tender cuts of meat soaked in a delicious meaty gravy
  • Easy-open trays with peel-away film for no-fuss serving
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Made in the USA with globally-sourced ingredients
  • 12 count variety pack – 6 of each recipe
  • Each tray contains 3.5 oz of food

Serve a Delicious Meal in Seconds!

Mealtime will be your dog’s favorite time of day with CESAR Filets in Gravy! Skip the hassle of scooping food into a bowl and let your dog lick up every morsel right from the convenient tray. Just peel back the film, set it down, and watch your bestie devour the dish!

The rich, meaty gravy is so irresistible and the filet-style cuts make it easy for your dog to enjoy. This wet food packs the flavor of a home-cooked dinner into each tray. Choose Filet Mignon for beef lovers or try the New York Strip recipe for a change of taste.

Cleaning up after meals couldn’t be easier. Simply discard the empty trays when your dog licks the tray clean. CESAR trays are BPA-free and eco-friendly too.

Picky pups or dogs with sensitive stomachs will devour these recipes. The #1 ingredient is real meat which every dog is sure to love. There are no extra fillers, grains or artificial additives that could cause tummy troubles. Just pure, meaty flavor in every bite.

Treat your furry companion to a mealtime experience they’ll love with CESAR Soft Wet Filets in Gravy. Get tails wagging at dinner time with this variety pack today!


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