Cesar Dry Dog Food Chicken & Filet Mignon Bundle



Treat Your Pup Like Royalty with Cesar’s Premium Dry Dog Food Chicken & Filet Mignon Bundle for Small Dogs! This paw-esome bundle includes one 2.7 lb bag each of Cesar’s crave-worthy Rotisserie Chicken and savory Filet Mignon recipes, plus a bonus serving scoop so you can easily portion out your pooch’s favorite Cesar meals.

Only the Finest for Your Four-Legged Friend

At Cesar, we believe every dog deserves to be pampered with the very best. That’s why we carefully craft our dry dog food recipes using real chicken or filet mignon as the #1 ingredient. Both flavors in this bundle start with genuine meat protein to support strong muscles and satisfy those canine cravings for delicious, tender meaty morsels.

We gently cook the chicken to lock in its appetizing aroma and juicy taste. The filet mignon adds a touch of refine luxury, made from the most tender and flavorful cut of beef. Like any gourmet meal, quality ingredients make all the difference when crafting an exceptional dry dog food.

Tailored Nutrition for Smaller Breeds

Not all dogs have the same nutritional needs, which is why Cesar designed this dry food just for smaller breeds. The kibble size and texture make it easy to pick up and chew for little mouths. And it’s perfectly portioned with appropriate calories and protein for petite pooches under 25 pounds.

Antioxidants from real veggies promote a healthy immune system to keep your small-sized sidekick active and energetic. Essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients nourish your dog’s whole-body health from nose to waggy tail.

Crunchy Kibble Cleans Teeth

This dry dog food combines tender meaty pieces with crunchy kibble in each bite. The crisp texture gently scrubs away plaque and tartar buildup as your pup chews, helping reduce the risk for dental disease. That way, you can enjoy lots of slobbery kisses from clean, fresh breath!

The smaller kibble size is designed to be gentle on tiny teeth but still provide an invigorating chew. Give your little nosh hound something satisfying to sink their chops into at mealtime.

Paw Portions for Happy Tummies

Unsure how much to feed your furkid? Our bonus scoop takes the guesswork out of meal portions. The 1/2 cup size is perfect for dispensing one serving for dogs under 10 pounds. Level up to the 1 cup line for pooches 10-25 pounds.

Proper serving sizes mean less waste and no overeating for your small-breed buddy. This handy tool ensures you get it just right at chow time to keep your pup’s tummy happy and appetite satisfied.

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

At Cesar, we only use ingredients you’d feel good about feeding your own family. Our dog food contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. And it’s made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients to meet our strict quality and safety standards.

We run multiple quality checks along our manufacturing process to ensure each mouthwatering morsel is perfect for your pup. Tails wag with every bite of our appetizing recipes when you serve Cesar.

Buy Now for Tail-Wagging Meals!

Give your tiny tail-wagger a taste of the good life with this Cesar dry dog food bundle made for small breed dogs. The combo of savory chicken and filet mignon recipes will have them dancing for dinner time. Click Add to Cart now to treat your little furry royalty to the delicious flavors they crave!


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