CESAR Classics Adult Wet Dog Food Poultry Variety Pack – 24 Trays (3.5 oz Each) of Delicious Gourmet Canned Food



Give your furry best friend the gift of flavorful nourishment with the CESAR Classics Adult Wet Dog Food Poultry Variety Pack. This sampler contains 24 convenient 3.5 oz trays featuring 4 delicious poultry recipes your pooch will love. The included flavors are:

  • 6 trays – With Duck – Savory duck combined with meaty juices for a rich taste.
  • 6 trays – Grilled Chicken Flavor – Zesty grilled chicken perfectly complemented by broth.
  • 6 trays – Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor – Tender oven-roasted chicken soaked in a mouthwatering sauce.
  • 6 trays – With Turkey – Hearty chunks of turkey drowned in gravy goodness.

Give your canine companion the gift of variety at mealtime! This CESAR poultry sampler has all of your dog’s favorites. He’ll delight in the rotating flavors that will stimulate his appetite and leave him eager for more.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition for Adult Dogs

CESAR Canine Cuisine Poultry Variety Pack provides complete and balanced nutrition suitable for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. This wet food is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to nurture your dog’s health and keep him thriving.

The smooth pâté texture makes this CESAR variety pack easy to chew and digest for dogs of any age. Smaller breeds will find they can easily eat this food right out of the convenient tray packaging.

Give your dog all the nutritional support he needs with this mouthwatering CESAR canned dog food sampler pack. He’ll get the tailored nutrition his unique adult diet requires through flavor-packed recipes he’s sure to love.

Convenient Single-Serve Trays with Fresh-Sealed Lids

The CESAR Classics Poultry Variety Pack includes 24 individual trays for perfect single-serve portions. Each tray contains 3.5 oz of food just right for one meal. No more wrestling with a popped open can or messy fridge storage.

The easy peel-away foil lids keep each serving protected and stay sealed between feedings. Simply remove the lid and place the tray down for your dog to enjoy his fresh tasting food. When he’s done, just toss the tray – no can or mess left behind!

With different flavors in every tray, this CESAR sampler makes it easy to give your pooch a diverse range of tastes to look forward to. The single-serve trays let you switch up flavors from meal to meal to keep things exciting.

Give your dog the gift of delicious convenience he’ll love with the CESAR Classics Poultry Variety Pack.

Wholesome Ingredients Dogs Crave

Made with savory chunks of poultry drowned in meaty gravy, this CESAR variety pack delivers rich taste in every bite. These recipes are crafted with care using ingredients you can feel good about feeding your dog:

  • Real poultry – Duck, chicken, and turkey provide quality protein for strong muscles.
  • Meaty juices – Gravy made from real chicken, turkey, or beef enriches flavor.
  • Essential vitamins & minerals – Nourishment tailored for adult dogs.
  • Balanced nutrition – Formulated to give dogs complete nutrition.

Dogs love the meaty taste of CESAR. Give your hungry hound a medley of palate-pleasing flavors with the Poultry Variety Pack. He’ll savor every morsel of duck, chicken, and turkey in delicious gravy.

Delight Dogs with Refined Tastes

Your pooch has a distinguished palate. Reward his refined tastes with the CESAR Classics Poultry Variety Pack. This gourmet wet food features four mouthwatering recipes prepared just for him.

Give your dog a taste of the good life with rich poultry flavors drowned in savory juices. He’ll delight in duck, chicken, and turkey paired with beef or chicken gravy for maximum flavor.

The smooth pâté texture makes every luscious bite easy to relish. Smaller breeds can easily eat directly from the tray, while larger dogs will lap up every last morsel.

Serve your discerning dog a flavor adventure with the CESAR Classics Adult Wet Dog Food Poultry Variety Pack. This sampler has the high-quality ingredients and taste to satisfy even persnickety pooches. Get tails wagging at dinnertime!


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