Cesar Breakfast Variety Pack – Steak, Egg & Bacon Flavored Dog Food Plus Bonus Toy & Book



Start your pup’s day off right with the Cesar Breakfast Variety Pack. This bundle includes 8 cans of Cesar’s delicious grilled steak & egg and smoked bacon & egg wet dog food, plus a fun mammoth mini rope tug toy and an educational animal facts booklet for the whole family to enjoy.

With two mouthwatering flavors – savory grilled steak & egg and smoky bacon & egg – even picky pups will look forward to breakfast time. The #1 ingredient in both recipes is real meat, supplemented with nutritious eggs, essential vitamins and minerals. The grilled steak variety features shreds of savory steak soaked in a gravy made with farm-fresh eggs, while the bacon & egg option pairs crunchy bacon bits with fluffy scrambled eggs in a delicious gravy.

These grain-free wet foods provide a healthy dose of protein to help keep your pup satisfied and energized all morning long. The recipes are free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives too. Feed alone or use as a tasty topper to make kibble more enticing. Either way, your furry friend is sure to lick the bowl clean while you get a few extra minutes of sleep!

In addition to the 8 cans of tasty wet food, this bundle includes a cute Mammoth mini rope toy for interactive playtime. Let your pup grab one end while you hold the other for a fun game of tug-of-war. The rope helps promote healthy teeth and gums. Or, toss it across the room for endless fetch. The toy is perfectly sized for small and medium breed dogs to comfortably carry and play with.

You’ll also get our 40 Fun & Useful Animal Facts booklet full of fascinating tidbits about dogs and other household pets. Learn about your furry friend’s origins, behavior, care needs and more. A fun read for kids and adults alike, it’s sure to enhance family bonding time.

With high-quality wet food, a durable chew toy, and an educational book, this variety pack has everything you need to start your mornings off on the right paw. The wet food trays are 3.5 ounces each, providing the perfect portion for breakfast or a midday snack. Feel good knowing your pup is getting the nutrition they need from natural ingredients you can trust.

Give your tail-wagger variety at breakfast time to prevent boredom. The two flavors and textures keep their tastebuds excited. Plus, switching between proteins ensures they get a complete nutritional profile. This pack is great for multi-dog households, use for everyday feeding, or to sample new flavors before committing to a full case.

Offer new tastes and textures by topping dry kibble or mix with warm water to make a savory meal. For pups with sensitive stomachs, wet food is easier to digest. The smaller portions are great for dogs who gobble down their food too. No artificial flavors or additives ensures optimal nutrition.

Your four-legged friend brings so much joy to your life. Show them how much you care by serving nutritious foods they love. Cesar wet recipes provide natural nutrition in a mouthwatering form pups just can’t resist. The adorable bonus toy and fun facts booklet make for a complete breakfast time bundle sure to please both pet and parent.


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