CBBPET Tactical Dog Harness – Take Control of Your Active Dog



The CBBPET Tactical Dog Harness is the ultimate solution for owners of energetic and excitable dogs who love to pull on the leash. This innovative harness provides both safety and control, allowing you to enjoy relaxed walks with your furry friend.

Designed for Large and Wide Dogs

Some breeds are naturally broad and muscular with wide chests that make it difficult to find a properly fitting harness. The CBBPET Tactical Harness is specifically designed with these large dogs in mind. The wide straps and adjustable girth ensure a customized and comfortable fit. Even the burliest dogs can enjoy secure walks without restriction or chafing.

Stop Pulling with Front Clip Control

Walking an aggressive leash puller can be frustrating and tiring for both owner and dog. Attaching your leash to the front clip on the CBBPET harness gently discourages pulling by turning your dog back towards you if they forge ahead. This minimizes the effort needed to restrain a large, excited dog. The strategic front leash attachment also helps deter lunging and jumping without unnecessary pressure on your dog’s throat.

Reflective PVC Webbing for Visibility

Accidents can happen when walking your dog after dark if they aren’t visible to drivers. The CBBPET Tactical Harness has reflective PVC webbing sewn into the straps to reflect light and keep your dog noticeable at night. Walking in early morning or evening hours is safer for you both.

Train and Walk Securely

In addition to the front clip for no-pull training, the CBBPET harness also has a sturdy back attachment ring for regular walking. The dual leash rings give you options for maintaining control while also allowing casual strolls. Transition from training to traditional walking seamlessly with one adaptable harness.

Durable, Breathable Materials

The outer layer is made from durable Oxford fabric with double stitching on the straps for security. Beneath is a breathable mesh lining that allows air to circulate and prevents overheating. The tactical harness withstands energetic dogs while keeping them cool and comfortable on long walks.

Customizable Fit

Finding a properly fitted harness is crucial for comfort and effectiveness. The CBBPET Tactical Harness has four adjustable points – one at the chest, two for girth, and one for the neck. Simply use the side release buckles to achieve a snug yet relaxed fit tailored to your dog’s proportions. Sizing ranges from extra small to extra large.

Satisfaction Guarantee

CBBPET stands behind the quality and performance of the Tactical Dog Harness. We want you to be fully satisfied with this innovative product designed to make walking challenging dogs easier. If you have any issues with fit, function, or durability, we provide a satisfaction guarantee and friendly customer service.

Invest in the CBBPET Tactical Dog Harness for a simple way to regain control of leash walks with your energetic dog. The no-pull front clip quickly curbs pulling while the reflective straps provide security after dark. Available in a spectrum of sizes to suit any breed, this harness simplifies training and exercise. Experience the joy of strolling with your well-behaved dog thanks to the clever and durable design of the CBBPET Tactical Harness. Order yours today!


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