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Give your beloved canine companion the wholesome nutrition they deserve with Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Organic Chicken & Vegetable Recipe Adult Canned Dog Food. Made with care in the USA, this premium wet dog food features free-range chicken as the #1 ingredient, providing a rich source of protein to support your dog’s lean muscle mass.

This grain-free recipe is packed with natural flavor that your furry friend will love. Each 12.7 oz can contains chunks of organic chicken swimming in a savory broth made from organic vegetables. With no corn, wheat, soy or artificial additives, this limited ingredient formula offers easy-to-digest nutrition tailored for sensitive stomachs.

At the heart of this recipe is Castor & Pollux’s proprietary superfood blend. This unique mix packs in concentrated nutrition from organic flaxseed, organic blueberries and organic coconut flour. These three superfoods deliver key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to enhance your pup’s health and vitality. Flaxseed provides omega fatty acids for skin and coat health, blueberries are loaded with antioxidants to support whole body wellness, and coconut flour supplies MCTs for sustained energy.

As a conscientious pet owner, you can also feel good knowing Castor & Pollux uses sustainably sourced, organic ingredients to craft this premium wet food. The organic chicken is free of antibiotics and added growth hormones. All ingredients are certified organic and produced without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Even better, this recipe is made in a USDA organic certified kitchen!

Feeding your dog grain-free nutrition is linked to many benefits including:

Increased digestibility – Grains like corn and wheat are common allergens for dogs and can cause digestive upset. Removing grains allows for better nutrient absorption.
Healthy skin and coat – The omega fatty acids in this grain-free recipe nourish skin and promote a soft, shiny coat.
Lean muscle maintenance – With chicken as the first ingredient, this food provides complete protein to sustain lean muscle mass.
Immune system support – The antioxidants from organic superfoods strengthen immunity and overall health.
Sustained energy – Premium protein and fats supply steady energy to fuel an active lifestyle.
This Castor & Pollux recipe provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. Just one 12.7 oz can provides a full serving for smaller dogs. For larger breeds, mix a can with your dog’s favorite dry food for a tasty meal.

Transition slowly when switching foods to avoid digestive upset. For best quality, use within 5 days of opening and refrigerate any unused portion.

Give your dog the nutritious diet they deserve with Castor & Pollux Organix. This USA-made recipe features organic, non-GMO ingredients raised without chemical pesticides, fertilizers or antibiotics. Let your furry best friend enjoy the simple goodness of real, organic chicken paired with superfood nutrition in every wholesome bite.

Real Food Ingredients

Certified Organic Chicken – Free-range chicken provides lean protein.
Organic Carrots – Packed with vitamin A, potassium and beta carotene.
Organic Sweet Potatoes – Rich in fiber, vitamins C and B6.
Organic Blueberries – Loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants.
Organic Flaxseed – Provides omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

Key Benefits

Grain free nutrition, gentle on sensitive stomachs
Organic fruits and veggies provide natural flavors
Free-range chicken is the #1 ingredient
Superfood blend fortifies nutrition
Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients
Complete and balanced meal for adult dogs

Feeding Guidelines

This nutritious wet food can be fed as your dog’s sole diet or mixed with their favorite Castor & Pollux dry food. Use the following feeding guidelines:

Dog Weight – Daily Serving
5-10 lbs – 1/2 can
10-20 lbs – 1 can
20-40 lbs – 1-2 cans
40-60 lbs – 2-3 cans
60-90 lbs – 3-4 cans

Transition gradually when switching foods over a 5-7 day period. If your dog is not finishing their meal, reduce to half portions for smaller breeds. For optimal freshness, refrigerate unused portion and use within 5 days.

Quality Standards

All ingredients and final product:

Certified organic
Non-GMO verified
Produced without artificial preservatives
Free of wheat, corn and soy
No added growth hormones
No antibiotics ever used
Sourced and made in the USA
Produced in a USDA organic certified human food facility. Comprehensive food safety program. Rigorously tested for contaminants to ensure purity and quality. Exceeds all FDA standards.

About Castor & Pollux

Castor & Pollux celebrates the sacred bond between humans and pets. Driven by this unconditional love, we strive to honor pets with natural, high quality products made from globally sourced ingredients. Founded in 2006, our recipes are crafted with care in the USA. Learn more about our core values and full line of organic pet food and treats at


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