Carolina Prime Pork Jerky – Blue Ridge Naturals Wheat-Free Dog Treats Made with Real Pork for Natural Meaty Flavor



Treat Your Dog to Delicious Pork Jerky Goodness!

Dogs love jerky, and real meat jerky is a mouthwatering favorite. Made with 100% pork, Carolina Prime Pork Jerky delivers a tantalizing meaty flavor your dog will drool over.

These wheat-free treats are gently dried to lock in the pure pork flavor. The chewy jerky texture cleans teeth and satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instinct.

Give your faithful companion only the best pork jerky – their tails will wag with joy!


  • Made with 100% real pork
  • Wheat-free recipe
  • Irresistible savory pork flavor
  • Naturally nutritious protein
  • Promotes cleaner teeth
  • Satisfies chewing instinct
  • Contains natural preservatives
  • Made in the USA

100% Real Pork Jerky Slices

Our pork jerky starts with premium cuts of 100% American pork. The meat is slowly dried to lock in juicy flavor and tenderize it into irresistible chewy strips.

Drying intensifies the savory pork flavor your dog will love. We use no artificial flavors, colors or meat by-products – just delicious real pork made crave-worthy with its natural meaty essence.

These protein-packed jerky slices make a nutritious treat to reward good behavior. Use them for training, in puzzle toys or as an anytime snack. Your dog will beg for these tasty pork treats!

Satisfies Your Dog’s Chewing Urge

The chewy jerky texture satisfies your dog’s innate need to chew and plays into their instinct to tear meat from bones. Their teeth get a workout while enjoying a delicious treat.

Unlike processed rawhide chews, our pork jerky is highly digestible and contains no harsh chemicals. Real meat jerky provides a safe, nourishing chewing experience dogs love.

The resealable 6 oz bag contains about 25 hearty jerky strips. One or two pieces go a long way in making your dog happy. Tear off smaller pieces to make the chews last even longer!

Give your faithful friend a protein-packed pork chew that promotes better dental health. Their mouth and mind will be occupied for hours polishing off these tasty jerky strips.

Wheat-Free Recipe with Natural Preservatives

Our pork jerky contains no wheat, corn or soy – only wholesome pork meat and natural ingredients.

We use a small amount of potassium sorbate and tocopherols to preserve freshness. This keeps the jerky safe and shelf-stable without artificial preservatives or flavors.

Made in the USA, our jerky undergoes strict quality control checks for your total peace of mind. We aim to craft the very best experience when rewarding your dog with these porky treats!

Make Your Dog Smile Today!

Show your furry best friend how much they mean to you with delicious pork jerky made just for them. The natural meaty flavor and chewy texture satisfies their instincts in a healthy, nourishing way.

Made from 100% American pork, Carolina Prime Pork Jerky is the ultimate tasty protein treat. Your dog will jump for joy when they get a whiff of these tasty porky strips!

Click Add to Cart now to get top-quality pork jerky delivered right to your door. Check the coupon on this page and save on this amazing jerky treat – your dog will thank you!


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