Carolina Prime Dental Jerky – Real Meat Treats That Clean Teeth and Freshen Dog Breath



Treat Your Dog to Delicious Dental Jerky Goodness!

Dogs love jerky, and Carolina Prime Dental Jerky takes these tasty treats to the next level. Made with real chicken, these chews go beyond just a reward – they help clean teeth and freshen doggy breath!

The ridged jerky texture scrapes away plaque and tartar as your dog chews, reducing bacteria in the mouth. Natural breath fresheners leave your pup with cleaner teeth and minty-fresh breath!

Give your faithful companion the very best dental jerky – their tails will wag with joy!


  • Made with real chicken
  • Ridged jerky texture cleans teeth
  • Freshens dog breath
  • Promotes better dental health
  • Highly digestible recipe
  • Delicious poultry flavor
  • No artificial preservatives
  • 6 oz resealable pouch

Jerky Texture Cleans Teeth

These chews feature a ridged jerky texture that helps scrape away plaque, tartar and bacteria as your dog chews. The abrasive surface acts like a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach spots.

The real chicken meat jerky provides a delicious flavor dogs love while promoting better dental hygiene and health. Your pup gets a tasty treat and a teeth cleaning in one!

Unlike rawhide chews, our dental jerky is highly digestible and contains no harsh chemicals. The limited ingredients are gentle on tummies while supporting oral health with the chewing action.

Give your dog something to really sink their teeth into! Carolina Prime Dental Jerky satisfies chewing urges in a purposeful way that benefits their overall wellbeing.

Freshens Dog Breath Naturally

These jerky chews don’t just clean teeth – they freshen breath too! Natural mint and parsley freshen doggy odor at the source – in the mouth.

As your dog chews, these botanical extracts release a burst of minty flavor. Their antibacterial properties help neutralize unpleasant odors and leave your pup with cleaner, fresher breath.

We use no artificial breath fresheners or masking scents – only wholesome ingredients like real chicken, parsley and mint. A total mouth makeover, the natural way!

Give your pup minty-kisses again! Carolina Prime Dental Jerky promotes cleaner teeth and gums, reducing bacteria that causes stinky dog breath.

Made in the USA with Care

Produced in the United States, our dental jerky undergoes the strictest quality control for safety and integrity. We use only the best ingredients to craft a treat that benefits your dog’s health.

Our facilities follow FDA and USDA guidelines for cleanliness and food safety. We meticulously source premium chicken and natural botanicals to give your pup a treat you can trust.

Reward your faithful companion with purposeful treats made just for them. Their wagging tail and happy smile will let you know Carolina Prime Dental Jerky is a big hit!

Give the Gift of Cleaner Teeth

Show your furry best friend how much you care by treating them to premium dental jerky. The delicious chicken flavor and tooth-scrubbing texture combine for a treat that cleans teeth and satisfies urges.

Made from real American chicken, Carolina Prime Dental Jerky promotes better dental health and fresher dog breath. Your pup will jump for joy when you break out these jerky treats!

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