Carolina Prime Chicken Tenders – Human-Grade Treats Made with Real Chicken for Meaty Goodness Dogs Crave



Treat Your Dog to Delicious Chicken Tender Goodness!

Dogs love real meat, and chicken is a mouthwatering favorite! Made with 100% human-grade chicken, Carolina Prime Chicken Tenders deliver juicy flavor your dog will drool over.

These tasty morsels are gently cooked to lock in the rich chicken flavor. Their small bite size is perfect for training rewards or anytime treats.

Give your furry best friend only the highest quality chicken treats – their tails will wag with joy!


  • Made with 100% human-grade chicken
  • Irresistible juicy chicken flavor
  • Naturally nutritious protein
  • Bite-sized for training rewards
  • Satisfies chewing urge
  • No artificial preservatives
  • 12 oz resealable pouch

100% Real Human-Grade Chicken

Our chicken tenders start with premium cuts of whole muscle chicken fit for human consumption. The all-natural chicken is gently simmered to tender perfection, locking in moist flavor.

Cooking intensifies the delicious chicken essence dogs crave. We use no by-products, artificial flavors or cheap fillers – just succulent chicken made irresistible with its natural meaty goodness.

These high-value bites provide a protein-packed reward for good behavior. Use them for training, in puzzles, or as a nutritious snack. Your dog will do anything for these savory chicken morsels!

Bite-Sized Soft Treats for Training

The small tender pieces are the perfect size for mini training rewards. Pop them into your dog’s mouth for positive reinforcement they’ll appreciate.

Unlike most hard training treats, these moist morsels are easy for dogs of all ages to enjoy. The soft texture is gentle on sensitive teeth and gums.

The resealable 12 oz pouch contains over 100 tasty chicken bites. One or two pieces go a long way in making your dog happy. Toss them a few tender morsels and watch them focus on obeying your commands!

Give your faithful companion a protein-packed training treat made from real meat. Their skills will improve and their tails will wag at treat time!

Crafted in the USA for Quality and Safety

Produced in the United States, our chicken tenders undergo the strictest quality control for safety and integrity. We use only the best human-edible ingredients.

Our facilities follow FDA and USDA guidelines for cleanliness and food safety. We source premium American chicken to craft rewarding treats you can feel good about feeding your pup!

Made by dog lovers for dogs everywhere, we aim to provide the very best experience when treating your furry friend to meaty goodness. Their happy grins and wiggling bums let us know we’ve succeeded!

Make Your Dog Smile with Chickeny Goodness

Show your furry best friend how much they mean to you with moist and meaty chicken treats made just for them. The tasty chicken flavor and soft texture is a hit at training time or anytime!

Crafted from 100% real human-grade chicken, Carolina Prime Chicken Tenders provide a protein-packed reward your dog will love. Watch them lick their chops when you break out these chickeny bites!

Click Add to Cart now to get human-quality chicken tenders delivered right to your door. Check the coupon on this page and save – your dog will thank you!


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