Carhartt Training Dog Leash with Shock Absorbing Bungee – Brown/Brushed Brass Metal Hardware



Keep your pup safe and secure on walks with the Carhartt Training Dog Leash. This heavy-duty 6ft leash is specially designed for active dogs who still pull and jump during walks. The innovative shock absorbing bungee design reduces jolting and tension, keeping both you and your dog comfortable.

Made from durable Carhartt brown nylon webbing with a duck canvas weave, this leash features triple needle stitching for strength and low-light visibility. The 1 inch width offers superior control without digging into your hand. Reflective stitching helps keep your pup visible on night walks.

Innovative Shock Absorbing Bungee Design

The elastic bungee section in the middle of the leash acts as a shock absorber. When your dog lunges or pulls, the bungee stretches to reduce sudden jolting that can injure both your dog and your wrist or arm. The flexible bungee also makes it easier to reel your dog back in gently.

This innovative feature makes the Carhartt dog leash ideal for training leash manners and loose leash walking. The shock absorption helps curb your dog’s impulse to jump and pull without using harsh corrections. Over time, the bungee action will help teach your dog not to strain against the leash.

Rugged Metal Hardware

The Carhartt Training Dog Leash uses high quality hardware you can trust. The trigger hook clasps securely to your dog’s collar while remaining easy to attach and detach. It won’t slip off accidentally.

A slotted metal D-ring at the human handle end lets you quickly adjust the lead length as needed. You can keep your dog closer in high distraction areas or give more freedom during off-leash training. The metal hardware also withstands the rigorous demands of an active, strong dog.

Padded Handle for Comfortable Control

Walking an exuberant dog takes a firm grip, which can dig into your hand. The Carhartt Training Dog Leash has a padded handle that cushions and protects your palm. The padding makes it comfortable to hold the leash tightly without irritating your skin.

A second handle at the bungee section gives extra control when you need to rein your dog in. The dual handle design also lets you keep the slack out of the leash as your dog explores and roams during a walk.

Triple Stitching for Durability

Made from Carhartt’s signature brown nylon webbing, this dog leash is designed to endure years of regular use. The high density webbing does not stretch out or become brittle over time. It maintains its strength and durability for the long haul.

Triple needle stitching reinforces the webbing and attaches the handles securely. Sturdy bar tacking gives added reinforcement at stress points for an unbreakable bond. Thick reflective thread is easy to see at night and stands up to chewing puppies.

This leash is built Carhartt Tough to handle all breeds of dogs, from tiny pups to large powerful breeds. The webbing and stitching withstands rigorous tugging, chewing puppies, and active adventures.

Ideal for Training Leash Manners

The Carhartt Training Dog Leash is ideal for dogs who pull, jump, and lunge during walks. The shock absorbing bungee action gently discourages pulling without painful corrections. It reduces strain and tension to keep walks enjoyable.

The padded grip gives you control to reel your dog back to your side. The second lower handle lets you gather in slack and prevent your dog from wandering too far. Overall, the leash promotes better leash manners over time.

This specially designed training leash remains comfortable even when your dog is at their worst behavior. The smooth control helps end bad habits like pulling and lunging more effectively than other leashes.

Reflective Stitching for Low Light Safety

Walking your dog at night or in low light conditions requires high visibility gear. The Carhartt Training Dog Leash has reflective stitching along its full length to make your pup visible after dark.

Vehicles and bicyclists can spot your dog from further away, helping prevent tragic accidents. The reflective accents also help you keep an eye on your pup when they wander ahead in dim conditions.

The bright stitching stands out vividly when illuminated by headlights, flashlights, and street lights. For added visibility, combine this leash with a reflective dog collar.

Upgrade from a Standard Dog Leash

A regular nylon or leather leash does not provide the control and convenience of a specially designed training leash. Standard leashes lack shock absorption or dual handles for gathering slack and keeping your dog close.

The Carhartt Training Dog Leash is an excellent solution for owners struggling with dogs who pull and jump. The innovative bungee design reduces jolting and tension to benefit both dog and owner.

This leash provides a smooth, gentle resistance to curb bad habits. The padded handle protects your hand without compromising your grip and control over an excited dog. If you’re tired of being jerked down the street, upgrade to this training-ready leash.

Matches the Carhartt Brand Aesthetic

This leash matches other Carhartt pet gear including collars, leashes, beds, and feeders. The signature brown nylon webbing with triple stitching has the classic Carhartt look. Brushed brass hardware complements the utilitarian style.

Carhartt is known for making rugged workwear and gear since 1889. This Carhartt leash brings the company’s durable construction and timeless style to your dog walks. Both pet owners and dogs will enjoy this stylish, high functioning leash.

Product Details

  • Length: 6ft
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Material: Nylon webbing with duck canvas weave
  • Triple needle stitch reinforcement
  • Reflective stitching for visibility
  • Elastic shock absorbing bungee section
  • Padded handle for comfort
  • Secondary handle for gathering slack
  • Rugged trigger hook and D-ring hardware

Take control of your dog walks and teach better leash manners with the Carhartt Training Dog Leash. This intelligently designed leash reduces frustrating pulling thanks to an innovative shock absorbing bungee. Triple stitching and rugged metal hardware ensure durability even with large, powerful breeds. Plus, the classic Carhartt look matches your rugged style. Order today and hit the streets in comfort and control.


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