Canine Tricky Treats Grilled Duck Dog Treats – 30 Count of Tasty Duck Jerky Slices for Training Rewards



Treat Your Dog to Delicious Grilled Duck Goodness!

Dogs love jerky, and duck jerky is a mouthwatering favorite! Made with real grilled duck fillet, Canine Tricky Treats Grilled Duck Treats deliver a tantalizing meaty flavor your dog will drool over.

These thin, crispy jerky slices are the perfect size for mini training treats. Watch your dog follow commands eagerly when duck jerky is their reward!

At Canine Tricky Treats, we use only high-quality ingredients and veterinarian-approved cooking methods. Our duck jerky is slowly grilled to lock in savory flavor and tenderize the meat into irresistible chewy strips.

Give your faithful companion the best duck jerky today – their tails will wag with joy!


  • Made with real grilled duck fillet
  • 30 thin, crispy duck jerky strips
  • Irresistible savory duck flavor
  • Protein-packed meaty treat
  • Perfect size for training rewards
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Made in the USA

Crispy Grilled Duck Jerky Slices

Our grilled duck treats start with 100% real duck fillet sourced from American farms. The fillets are slowly grilled to perfection, bringing out the rich, savory flavor of succulent duck meat.

The grilling process cooks the jerky gently and evenly, tenderizing the duck into irresistible chewy strips brimming with smoky barbecue essence. We use no artificial flavors or meat by-products – just delicious grilled duck fillet made crave-worthy with natural wood smoke flavor.

These premium jerky slices are a protein-packed treat perfect for rewarding good behavior. Use them for training, in Kongs or puzzle toys, or as an anytime snack. Your dog will jump through hoops for these savory duck treats!

Thin Slices for Mini Training Treats

The thin jerky strips are the ideal size for mini training rewards that won’t overwhelm your dog with calories.

Each bag contains 30 crispy grilled duck slices your dog will savor. Break or tear the strips into smaller bite-size pieces for the perfect training treat.

The thin jerky texture also allows you to stretch out treat time. Smaller nibbles make the yummy duck last longer, keeping your dog engaged and motivated during training sessions.

You can even use our grilled duck strips inside interactive toys. Slide them into a Kong or hide them in a puzzle toy to keep your dog happily occupied for hours. A little duck goes a long way!

Veterinarian-Recommended and Made in the USA

Our grilled duck jerky is proudly made in the USA with strict quality standards. We use only the freshest ingredients and safest preparation methods.

The slow grilling process cooks the duck gently to a safe internal temperature. This eliminates any harmful bacteria without diminishing the delicious flavor.

Veterinarians recommend our Canine Tricky Treats jerky for dogs of all life stages. We use no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors – just real American duck meat scrumptiously grilled to perfection.

Feed your faithful companion only the very best. Our grilled duck jerky makes a protein-packed treat you and your dog will love!

Delight Your Dog Today with Grilled Duck Goodness

Your furry friend deserves a special reward for being the goodest boy or girl. Make their day by treating them to Canine Tricky Treats Grilled Duck!

Real grilled duck jerky brings a mouthwatering meaty flavor dogs obsess over. Use our thin strips for training, in puzzle toys, or as a healthy snack. Your dog will thank you!

Click Add to Cart now to get irresistible grilled duck jerky delivered right to your door. Check the coupon on this page to save on this amazing duck treat – your dog will wag their tail with joy!


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