Canine Naturals Puppy Chicken and Rice Chews – Easily Digestible Rawhide-Free Treats Made with Real USA Chicken to Support Your Growing Puppy



Pamper Your Pup with Delicious Chickeny Goodness!

Your adorable furball deserves only the very best treats as they grow into an amazing dog. That’s why Canine Naturals created these irresistible Chicken and Rice Chews just for puppies!

Made with real chicken sourced from the USA, these rawhide-free chews are packed with flavor and easily digestible for your puppy’s sensitive tummy. Their teething gums and chewing instinct will love sinking into these tasty sticks!

We use only the highest quality ingredients chosen specifically for nutritional value, digestibility, and safety. Natural DHA supports your pup’s growing brain and eyes, while limited ingredients prevent tummy upsets.

Give your puppy the very best start in life with these nutritious chews! Their tail will wag with joy at the yummy chicken flavor.


  • Formulated just for puppies
  • Easily digestible recipe
  • 100% rawhide-free
  • Enriched with natural DHA
  • Real chicken sourced from the USA
  • Gentle on sensitive tummies
  • Promotes better dental health
  • Satisfies natural chewing instinct
  • Delicious chicken flavor

The Healthy Chew Your Puppy Craves!

Ditch the artificial rawhide and make the switch to Canine Naturals Puppy Chicken and Rice Chews. These natural chews are rawhide-free, so you can reward your puppy with a treat that’s easy to digest.

Rawhide chews contain harsh chemicals and can present choking hazards for puppies. Our chews are made without any nasty ingredients – only high-quality natural foods to support your puppy’s growth and development.

The limited ingredient formula is gentle on sensitive puppy tummies, so more pups can enjoy these tasty chews. Independent lab tests show our chicken chews digest over 400% faster than rawhide. Now that’s easy digestion!

Give your teething pup something to sink their gums into! The texture helps remove plaque and tartar as they chew, promoting better dental health.

Made with Real Chicken from the USA

The #1 ingredient is real chicken sourced from trusted American farms. Your puppy will love the delicious natural flavor!

Chicken provides a tasty protein punch to help nourish growing muscles and tissues. We didn’t add any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or fillers like corn, wheat or soy. Only natural ingredients to support your pup’s development.

The chews are also enriched with DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in maternal milk. DHA supports healthy brain, eye and nerve growth so your puppy grows into a happy, healthy dog!

Perfect Chew Treat for Puppies

Puppies love to chew! It helps soothe swollen gums and eases teething discomfort. Our chicken chews give your pup a safe, stimulating outlet for their natural chewing instinct.

The long-lasting chewy texture keeps puppies occupied for hours. One chew can last over 10 times longer than a regular biscuit, satisfying your pup’s desire to chew and play.

The 5-inch size is ideal for small and medium breed puppies up to 6 months old. It gives them something substantial to really sink their teeth into! Supervise your puppy during chew time for safety.

These irresistible chickeny sticks make the perfect training reward or puppy treat. Your furry friend will jump for joy when you break out the Canine Naturals chews!

Pamper Your Puppy Today!

Your puppy deserves the very best start in life. Reward them today with USA-sourced chickeny goodness!

Canine Naturals Puppy Chicken and Rice Chews provide a tasty chew to support your puppy’s development and satisfy their instinct to chew.

Click Add to Cart now to get these exceptional puppy chews for your furball. Check the coupon on this page and save big on your first order! Your puppy will thank you.


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