Canine Cravers Cod Skins – Human-Grade Air Dried Cod Treats for Dogs – Grain Free, Gluten Free, Single Ingredient Treats – 4 oz Bag



Give your dog a tasty, nutritious treat with Canine Cravers Cod Skins. Crafted from wild-caught Alaskan cod, these premium single-ingredient treats provide quality nutrition dogs love.

Made with One Wholesome Ingredient

Canine Cravers Cod Skins contain just one main ingredient: cod. No grains, gluten, fillers or additives – just 100% pure cod skins. You can feel good rewarding your dog with this wholesome treat.

Rich Source of Protein & Omega-3s

Cod is packed with essential nutrients for dogs. These skins provide a rich source of protein for building strong muscles. Cod is also high in omega-3 fatty acids to support skin, coat, joint and brain health.

Sustainably Wild-Caught Alaskan Cod

The cod is responsibly fished off the coast of Alaska using sustainable hook and line methods. This ensures healthy ocean ecosystems for future generations.

Air Dried to Retain Nutrition

Gently air drying locks in the natural flavor and omega-3s found in cod. This artisanal technique results in nutritious, pet-safe treats.

Low-Odor Recipe

Thanks to adjustments in our air drying process, these treats have significantly less “fishy” smell than traditional cod skins.

Crunchy, Healthy Treats Dogs Love

Canine Cravers Cod Skins make the perfect training treat or anytime reward. Their enticing crunch and savory taste keeps dogs eager for more. These premium treats are crafted from wild Alaskan cod caught in cold, pristine waters. The pure, clean habitat results in high-quality cod rich in nourishing omegas.

We gently air dry the skins to create a crispy, crackling texture dogs go crazy for. Air drying also locks in the nutritious oils found naturally in fish skin. This artisanal approach results in a wholesome, human-edible treat you can feel good rewarding your pup with.

And unlike stinky freeze-dried treats, our proprietary air drying process significantly reduces fishy odors. While still packing a tasty cod flavor, these treats won’t make your whole house smell fishy.

Made with premium ingredients and care, Canine Cravers are truly a treat worthy of your best friend. Share a bag today for tail wags at treat time!

Single-Ingredient Nutrition

Many mass-produced dog treats contain mystery ingredients and fillers with little nutritional value. But Canine Cravers Cod Skins feature just one main ingredient: cod.

We skip the grains, gluten, preservatives and additives. Instead, we let the natural nutrition of cod shine. This means you can feel good about every ingredient going into your dog’s body.

Cod provides complete, balanced nutrition:

Protein for lean muscle
Omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat health
Vitamins and minerals to support total body wellness

Rewarding your dog with Canine Cravers Cod Skins is an easy way to boost their nutrient intake. And they’ll think they’re just getting a tasty treat!

For premium nutrition without the filler, choose simple, wholesome Canine Cravers. Your dog will thank you at treat time!


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