Canine Chews Chicken Basted Rawhide Rolls for Large Dogs – 25 Count 8-9″ Flavored Beefhide Chews for Aggressive Chewers



Irresistible Chicken Flavored Rawhide Rolls for Powerful Chewers

Give your strong chewer a tasty chicken and rawhide treat with Canine Chews chicken basted retriever rolls! This value pack includes 25 mouthwatering 8-9” rolls to satisfy bigger dogs.

These hearty rawhide chews are basted in real chicken broth for added juicy flavor. The savory chicken coating contains no artificial flavors or chemicals – just delicious chicken goodness dogs love. Underneath is premium USA-sourced beefhide for a chewy treat.

Measuring approximately 1.25” thick, these sizable chicken flavored rolls provide long-lasting chewing fun. The irresistible chicken aroma and flavor will keep even aggressive chewers contently occupied for hours.

As your power chewer works away at their treat, they’ll also be promoting better dental health. The abrasive rawhide helps clean teeth and gums by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.

Produced in the USA, you can trust the careful sourcing and quality of our chicken basted rawhide rolls. Give your lucky dog hours of mess-free chewing entertainment!

Benefits of Canine Chews Chicken Basted Rawhide Rolls:

Savory Chicken Flavor

Real chicken broth gives these rolls an irresistible meaty taste and aroma.

All-Natural Single Ingredient

Made with premium USA-sourced beefhide – no added preservatives or chemicals.

Aids Dental Health

The chewing action cleans teeth and reduces plaque and tartar buildup.

Protein-Packed Nutrition

Rawhide provides a nutritious protein source to support muscle growth.

USA Sourced and Produced

Sourced and manufactured completely in the USA for safety and quality.

Long-Lasting Chew Time

Super thick rolls provide hours of chewing entertainment for large breeds.

Mess-Free Chewing

Thick rolls won’t shatter easily or stain carpets and furniture.

Dexter’s Review

“Woof woof! I get so excited when I see my owner take out one of these chicken flavored rawhide rolls! I start jumping up and down in anticipation. These tasty chicken coated chews keep me happily occupied for hours. I just love sinking my teeth into the delicious chicken and beefhide flavors. Plus, my owner says chewing them helps keep my teeth clean! But I just can’t resist the mouthwatering chicken taste!”

Our Story: Thoughtfully Handcrafting Chews

As fellow pet lovers, we know how important safe, quality chews are. That’s why we’ve proudly handcrafted premium rawhide chews for over 25 years at our family-owned USA treat bakery.

We source high-quality beefhide from local ranchers we’ve worked with for decades. Our rawhide contains no preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients – ever. We carefully craft each chew to maintain wholesome flavor.

While big brands focus on mass production, we focus on quality. Our rawhide is lovingly made in small batches under strict oversight. We know you want the same attention to detail for your furry best friend. Feel good giving them these thoughtful chicken basted chew rolls!


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