Canine Chews 8-9″” Retriever Rolls – Soft & Tasty Beefhide Chews for Large Dogs – Pack of 15



Treat your large dog to a tasty and long-lasting chew with Canine Chews 8-9″ Retriever Rolls. These premium beefhide chews provide the ultimate chewing experience to satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew.

Thick, Durable Chews for Aggressive Chewers

The extra thick hide of these retriever rolls is ideal for aggressive chewers. The dense texture stands up to hours of chewing without breaking down. Tough chewers will delight in sinking their teeth into these satisfyingly chewy rolls.

Promotes Dental Health

As your dog chews on these hides, the abrasive texture helps scrub away plaque and tartar buildup. This natural cleaning action helps keep teeth and gums healthy. The beefhide satisfies your dog’s instinct to chew while promoting better oral hygiene.

100% All-Natural Beefhide

You can feel good giving your dog these premium chews made from all-natural beefhide. They contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives – just pure rawhide with a delicious beef flavor your dog will love.

Long-Lasting Chewing Entertainment

These substantial chew rolls provide hours of chewing entertainment to keep your dog happily occupied. The extra long-lasting chews will save your furniture, shoes and other possessions from becoming chew toys!

Odor-Free & Won’t Stain

These natural chews are processed to be free of unpleasant odors. You can give them to your dog worry-free knowing they won’t leave stains on flooring or fabric.

Convenient Resealable Bag

The 15 chew rolls come packed in a handy resealable bag to keep the hides fresh. The 3.7 lb bag provides enough chews to last for months of enjoyment.

Keep Your Dog Busy & Happy

Dogs instinctively crave something to sink their teeth into. Satisfy your dog’s natural chewing urge in a healthy way with Canine Chews Retriever Rolls. The long rolls are ideal for larger breed dogs that need a substantial chew.

Aggressive chewers can make quick work of thinner rawhide. But these extra thick rolls stand up to the most determined chewers. Their dense texture provides hours of blissful chewing entertainment.

As your dog works the beefhide, bristle-like texture on the surface provides an abrasive cleaning action. Chewing scrapes away plaque and tartar buildup on teeth. This natural scrubbing helps keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

You’ll love knowing this dental care is coming from a 100% natural source. Canine Chews Retriever Rolls are crafted from premium beefhide with no artificial additives. They contain no:


This means you can feel good about treating your dog. Your furry friend will appreciate the delicious real beef flavor too!

These natural chews are processed to eliminate odors that can come with rawhide. You can give them to your dog indoors without worry of unpleasant smells. They also won’t stain carpets, rugs or furniture while providing hours of chewing satisfaction.

Conveniently Stock Up on Chews

This bulk pack gives you a whole stash of tasty beefhide chews for less than $1 per chew. The resealable 3.7 lb bag keeps the hides fresh between chew sessions. It’s a great value that will last for months of happy chewing.

Give your dog the hearty chewing experience they crave with Canine Chews Retriever Rolls. Your furniture will thank you!


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