Canine Chews 10-11″ Dog Rawhide Rolls – All-Natural Thick Beef Chews for Large Dogs – Pack of 20



Give your large dog the hearty rawhide chews they crave with Canine Chews 10-11″ Retriever Rolls. At 60% thicker than average rawhide, these substantial chews stand up to the most aggressive chewers.

Made in the USA from Premium Beefhide

Sourced from free-range cattle raised in the USA, these high-quality rawhide rolls provide a delicious chew experience. They contain just one simple, natural ingredient – 100% beefhide.

No Added Chemicals or Preservatives

Many rawhide chews contain artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. But not these premium hides. Canine Chews Retriever Rolls contain NO added chemicals – just pure, protein-packed USA beefhide.

Naturally Cleans Teeth & Gums

As your dog chews, the textured beefhide helps scrub away plaque and tartar. This promotes better dental health with no brushing required!

Extra Thick for the Toughest Chewers

At 1.25″ diameter, these rolls are made extra thick – up to 60% thicker than average rawhide bones. The dense hides hold up to hours of chewing satisfaction.

Keeps Dogs Busy for Hours

These hearty chews provide tons of occupying chewing entertainment. They satisfy dogs’ natural urge to chew, saving your belongings from becoming chew toys!

Protein-Packed Rawhide Chews

Dogs instinctively need to chew. But not just on anything – they crave chews packed with meaty protein like these rawhide rolls. Canine Chews Retriever Rolls deliver a tasty protein punch to fulfill your dog’s cravings.

Made from premium American beef cattle, these hides are loaded with essential amino acids and nutrients dogs need. You can see and smell the quality the moment you open the bag!

We source our hides from trusted American suppliers. No questionable ingredients from overseas. Our rawhide chews are ethically produced right here in the USA.

Each jumbo roll is hand-rolled for a clean, dense texture that satisfies chewing urges. Unlike compressed rawhide, our chews hold their shape and last for hours of blissful chewing.

No Messy Odors or Stains

Canine Chews Retriever Rolls are processed to eliminate stinky rawhide odors. We also remove the staining oils so they won’t leave greasy residue on your floors or furniture.

You can give these to your dog worry-free without unpleasant smells or mess left behind. Just pure, meaty chewing satisfaction!

Thicker Than Average Rawhide

The problem with most rawhide chews is they don’t last. Thin hides get destroyed in minutes by aggressive chewers.

That’s why we make our retriever rolls 60% thicker than average rawhide bones. At 1.25″ diameter, these chews stand up to the most determined chewing.

Dogs will spend hours enjoying these satisfyingly thick rolls. They provide long-lasting chewing entertainment to keep your dog occupied and out of trouble.

The 20 jumbo rawhide bones give you a bulk supply of chews for less than $2 per bone. Each USA-sourced chew provides protein-packed chewing satisfaction.

For tasty, mess-free rawhide chews, choose Canine Chews Retriever Rolls. Your dog and furniture will thank you!


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