Canine Carry Outs Meaty, Chewy Beef Flavored Dog Treats – 47 oz Bag



Beefy Goodness in Fun Shapes for Dogs on the Go

Give your dog a mouthwatering meaty reward with Canine Carry Outs made with real beef flavor. These soft, chewy treats are shaped like steaks, roasts and bones for a fun treat time. The resealable 47 oz bag keeps treats fresh while providing on-the-go convenience.

Dogs love chomping on these exciting nibbles that look and taste just like real beef. Their taste buds will tingle with joy from the savory beef flavor in every soft bite. Unlike some brands, our beefy taste comes from real beef, not mystery meat flavoring.

These petite, chewy treats are perfect for bringing along to the park, using for training or dishing out at home. The beefy aroma keeps your pup engaged and rewarded. They’re made in the USA with care to provide a safe, nutritious snack.

Benefits of Canine Carry Outs Beef Flavored Dog Treats

Irresistible Real Beef Taste

Savory beef flavor from real beef makes these irresistible treats your dog will love.

Fun Shapes and Textures

Unique shapes like steaks, roasts and bones make treat time more interesting. Varied textures keep pups engaged.

Soft, Chewy Texture

Dogs love sinking their teeth into these chewy, meaty bites. Satisfies their natural craving to chew.

Convenient Portion Control

Small bite size makes portion control easy. No need to break treats into smaller pieces.

Resealable Bag Keeps Them Fresh

Zips tight to maintain freshness and contain mess. Stash in your bag to have treats always ready.

No Nasty Fillers, By-Products or Preservatives

Only high-quality ingredients like real beef. No corn, wheat, colors or preservatives.

Made in the USA

Produced in Kansas, you can trust the care that goes into making these treats. Rigorously inspected.

Rover Gives It a Paws Up!

“These Canine Carry Outs are so YUMMY! I get super excited every time I smell my humans opening the bag. The beefy aroma makes my mouth water! Those soft, chewy bites really satisfy my chewing urges. I gobble them down fast and beg for more. Luckily my humans only give me a few at a time – otherwise I’d eat the whole bag in one sitting!”

Our Story: Treats from the Heart

As fellow pet lovers, we know how important safe, nutritious treats are. That’s why we started hand-baking premium treats made with care right in Kansas.

For over 10 years, our family-owned business has crafted rewards pets and owners love, like these Canine Carry Outs. We began by baking treats at home, expanding over the years to our own treat bakery.

We oversee each step ourselves to ensure quality. We use real meat and wholesome ingredients – never mystery fillers. Our treats are gently cooked, never containing harsh chemicals or junk.

While big brands focus on mass production, we keep our treats handmade in small batches with care. Your pet’s health drives all we do. We’re thrilled when a dog gobbles down our treats, because we put our hearts into making them.

We know you want the same for your furry friend. Feel good about rewarding with our convenient, resealable bag of chewy, beefy treats. Your pup can’t resist real beef flavor!


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