Canine Butcher Shop All Natural USA-Sourced Pig Ear Dog Treats – 1 lb Bag



Give your dog a tasty, long-lasting chew with Canine Butcher Shop All Natural Pig Ear Treats. These USA-sourced pig ears are proudly made in the USA with absolutely no imported ingredients. Dogs love gnawing on these irresistible single-ingredient pig ear strips!

The pig ears come from hogs born, raised and processed right here in the United States. You can trust there are no mystery ingredients or questionable foreign sourcing. Only premium American pig ears are used to craft these tasty chews.

These pig ear strips provide a satisfying chew experience dogs instinctively crave. They are first slowly oven-baked to enhance flavor before being naturally dried to preserve their delicious taste. This process creates a highly digestible, long-lasting chew.

Canine Butcher Shop Pig Ear Treats contain just one single ingredient – USA pork ears! There is absolutely no added salt, sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives. Each batch is rigorously tested for safety and quality assurance.

This family-owned business has handcrafted natural dog chews for over 20 years right in Chicago. Their dedication to premium American ingredients shines through in these pig ear treats your dog will love!

Benefits of Canine Butcher Shop Pig Ear Dog Treats

  • Made with USA-sourced pig ears
  • No imported ingredients ever
  • Provide a tasty, textured chew experience
  • Slow oven baked and naturally dried
  • Highly digestible chew
  • Single ingredient treat
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Rigorously safety tested
  • Crafted in the USA

USA-Sourced Premium Pig Ears

The one and only ingredient is:

  • USA Pork Ears – Natural source of cartilage, protein and fat to satisfy dogs’ desire to chew.

Satisfy Your Dog’s Chewing Instinct

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew not only for enjoyment, but to promote dental health. The abrasive texture of these oven-baked pig ear strips helps remove plaque and tartar as your dog chews.

Their tantalizing scent and flavor keep your dog engaged in long-lasting chewing sessions. This helps prevent destructive or anxious chewing behaviors in dogs prone to these issues.

The act of chewing also releases endorphins in dogs, creating a calming, relaxing effect. You can feel good letting your dog settle in for a nice chewing session with these premium pig ear strips.

Made right here in the USA with American pig ears, these single-ingredient chews contain no mystery meats or questionable ingredients. Canine Butcher Shop takes pride in crafting natural, quality chews dogs love!

Give your dog a tasty, satisfying treat they can really sink their teeth into with Canine Butcher Shop All Natural Pig Ear Dog Treats today!


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