Canine Butcher Shop All-Natural USA Duck Feet Dog Chews (Pack of 30)



Satisfy Your Pup’s Cravings with Wholesome, Single-Ingredient Duck Feet

Does your dog go crazy for poultry? Do they love chomping down on chewy, meaty treats? Then our premium duck feet are the perfect snack to please even the pickiest pooch.

Sourced and made in the USA, these all-natural duck feet contain just one ingredient – real duck feet. No added salt, sugar, flavors, colors or preservatives. Just the tasty, protein-packed goodness dogs love.

We source our duck feet locally, from human food suppliers we’ve worked with for over 20 years. Our duck feet come from ducks born, raised and processed right here in the USA – never imported. And because we use Grade A duck feet meant for human consumption, you can trust our chews are held to the highest safety and quality standards.

Once sourced, our duck feet are gently dried, keeping their fantastic texture and flavor intact. We never use harsh chemicals or processing methods that could diminish nutrients or taste. From start to finish, our goal is creating the best single-ingredient duck chews to keep your dog happy and healthy.

The Benefits of Our Premium USA Duck Feet

Delicious Taste Dogs Crave

Dogs go wild for the rich, meaty flavor of our duck feet. Their cravings will be satisfied by these savory, protein-packed chews.

Great for Power Chewers

The natural cartilage in duck feet makes them tough, long-lasting chews. They’ll keep even the most determined power chewers content for hours.

Single-Ingredient Means No Guesswork

With only one ingredient, you always know exactly what you’re giving your dog. No extra fillers, chemicals or mystery ingredients.

Excellent Source of Glucosamine

Duck feet contain lots of natural glucosamine, which supports joint health and mobility. They’re a tasty way to care for aging dogs’ joints.

High Protein for Muscle Growth

Over 80% protein makes duck feet a nutritional powerhouse. The protein in duck helps build and maintain lean muscle mass.

Cleans Teeth and Freshens Breath

As dogs gnaw and chomp, duck feet help scrub away plaque and tartar buildup. Their abrasive texture also curbs bad breath.

Made in the USA with USA-Sourced Ingredients

We go the extra mile to source and produce our duck feet right here in the USA. You can trust our strict quality control from start to finish.

Our Story and Process – From Chicago to Your Pup

We’re a small, family-owned business that’s been making all-natural dog chews for over 20 years. Based in Chicago, we gently dry and package our duck feet in our dedicated facility.

We don’t outsource or ship our process overseas. We do it all ourselves, closely overseeing each step. This hands-on approach means we produce the safest, highest quality duck chews for your beloved companions.

Our close relationships with local suppliers also set us apart. We’ve worked with our partner farms and facilities for decades, and regularly visit them ourselves. No middlemen – we deal direct.

This direct connection gives us full transparency and control over how our ducks are raised and processed. We know they live happy, healthy lives and are humanely handled. Your pup’s health and safety is our top concern.

Once our duck feet arrive, we get to work transforming them into irresistible chews. Our process is gentle, using air drying methods that maintain nutrients and maximize yummy flavor. We never use cooking, chemicals or artificial processing – just simple, natural methods that keep our duck feet wholesome and safe.

The final step is careful packaging in our Chicago facility. Then they’re shipped straight to your door, fresh and ready to delight your lucky dog.

Your Pooch Will Love These Delicious, Long-Lasting Duck Feet

Give your furry best friend a tasty, nourishing treat with our premium duck feet. Their tails will wag nonstop when they get a hold of these mouthwatering chews. Made with care in the USA, these single-ingredient duck feet get paws-up approval from dogs and pet parents alike.

Order a pack today and make your pup’s dreams come true!


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