Canidae Under The Sun Grain Free Lamb Dog Food – Nutritious & Delicious Real Lamb Dry Dog Food for Sensitive Dogs



Give your furry best friend the delicious taste and wholesome nutrition he deserves with Canidae Under The Sun Grain Free Lamb Recipe Dry Dog Food. This premium dry dog food features real, farm-raised lamb as the first ingredient and main protein source to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

Real, Protein-Rich Lamb to Please Picky Appetites

Real, farm-raised lamb delivers a highly palatable flavor your dog will love and crave at mealtime. As the first ingredient, lamb provides a concentrated source of essential amino acids your dog needs to build and maintain strong muscles, giving him the protein-packed nutrition he was meant to eat. This single animal protein formula makes Under The Sun a great choice for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies to other proteins like chicken, beef, or fish.

Digestive Support from Prebiotics & Probiotics

Under The Sun’s special blend of prebiotics from chicory root and probiotics support your dog’s digestive and immune health. These functional fibers and beneficial gut bacteria aid digestion, improve nutrient absorption, support a healthy microbiome, and strengthen immunity. Antioxidants from nutritious fruits and veggies also boost overall wellbeing.

Grain Free & Gluten Free for Sensitive Stomachs

Free from grains, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, and artificial additives, this premium dry dog food from Canidae provides an easy-to-digest formula ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food intolerances. The grain free recipe avoids ingredients that commonly cause adverse reactions in dogs prone to allergies and dietary issues.

Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables

Under The Sun incorporates a health-promoting blend of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, alfalfa, blueberries, and raspberries. These premium whole food ingredients provide natural sources of key vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to support your dog’s health from the inside out.

Made in the USA with Global & Local Ingredients

Manufactured in Canidae’s own Texas-based facilities, this American-made dry dog food features ingredients sourced both globally and locally in the USA whenever possible for maximum freshness. Canidae is committed to making nutritious and sustainable pet foods.

Resealable Bag for Convenience & Freshness

The 40 lb bag comes with a convenient zip top closure to preserve freshness and make storage simple. Reseal the bag after each use to keep your dog’s food tasting its very best. The large 40 lb size gives you great value for your money and cuts down on frequent repeat purchases.

Give your four-legged best friend the balanced nutrition he needs with Canidae Grain Free Under The Sun Lamb Recipe Dry Dog Food. Real lamb delivers taste and protein, while probiotics and antioxidants support digestive health and overall wellness. This premium dry food provides quality nutrition without unwanted fillers. For a wholesome diet your dog will love, choose Canidae Under The Sun today!


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