CANIDAE PURE Petite Chicken Recipe Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Small Breed Dry Dog Food, 4 lb



Give your small-breed pup the gift of flavorful nutrition with CANIDAE PURE Petite Chicken Recipe freeze-dried raw coated kibble. Thoughtfully crafted for little dogs with delicate tummies and discerning palates, this limited ingredient dog food features real chicken as the first ingredient to provide excellent taste and highly digestible protein. Carefully freeze-dried raw chicken coats each petite kibble, delivering the vibrant flavors and nutrients of raw while maintaining the convenience of dry food. With CANIDAE PURE Petite, you can feel good knowing your tiny treasure is getting delicious, gentle nutrition made from wholesome, recognizable ingredients.

Delicious Taste and Texture from Real Chicken

Real, farm-raised chicken provides a rich source of animal protein to help maintain lean muscle mass in small dogs. Freeze-dried raw chicken coats every crunchy kibble, infusing each bite with the enticing aroma, flavors, and nutrition of raw meat. This recipe contains no chicken by-product meals, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives – just high-quality chicken protein to please even persnickety pups.

Gentle on Sensitive Tummies

Made with 8 key ingredients or less, CANIDAE PURE Petite Chicken Recipe is carefully crafted to be gentle on sensitive digestive systems. Whole foods like peas, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes offer highly digestible plant-based nutrition without irritating grains like corn, wheat or soy. Antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies provide natural sources of key nutrients to support your small dog’s health and wellness. With easily digested protein and thoughtfully selected ingredients, this recipe provides nourishment even for tummies that tend to be picky.

Nutrient-Packed Kibble Sized for Tiny Breeds

The smaller kibble size of CANIDAE PURE Petite makes it easier for tiny jaws to chew and properly digest. Made specially for dogs under 30 lbs, these petite nuggets deliver complete, balanced nutrition in a bite-sized morsel. Thoughtfully formulated with probiotics and nutrients like glucosamine and omega fatty acids help to support healthy digestion, skin, coat and joints in little furry family members. Feed as a meal or use as a flavorful topper to add protein and excitement to your pup’s usual kibble.

Feed Their Senses, Nourish Their Body

Delight your diminutive dog with a meal that looks and smells as good as it tastes. The enticing aroma and vibrant taste of freeze-dried raw chicken brings out your dog’s inner carnivore, making mealtimes more exciting. Made from quality proteins and whole foods, CANIDAE PURE Petite provides the complete nutrition small dogs need in a flavor they’ll love. Nourish your faithful companion from the inside out with the goodness of real food made digestible.

Key Features:

  • Limited ingredient recipe made with 8 key ingredients or less
  • Real chicken is the first ingredient
  • Whole foods like peas, chickpeas and sweet potatoes
  • Freeze-dried raw chicken coating on each kibble
  • Smaller kibble size made for dogs under 30 lbs
  • Nutrient-packed formula supports digestion and immunity
  • No corn, wheat, soy, by-product meals, artificial preservatives
  • Delicious taste and highly digestible protein
  • Made in the USA

Give Your Little Dog the Best

Show your petite pup they’re a VIP with CANIDAE PURE Petite Chicken Recipe freeze-dried raw coated formula. Thoughtfully crafted for small dog nutrition and taste, this limited ingredient recipe delivers gentle digestion, vibrant flavor and complete nourishment. See the spring in their step and sparkle in their eyes when you serve a meal as unique as they are. With CANIDAE PURE Petite, you can reward your pint-sized pup with the very best in quality ingredients and flavor. Get tails wagging at dinnertime with this tasty nutrition in a bag!


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