Caledon Farms Oven Baked Chicken Stick Dog Treats (7.8 oz)



Give your dog a tasty, protein-packed treat with Caledon Farms Oven Baked Chicken Stick Treats. These chewy sticks are made with North American chicken and have a mouthwatering chicken flavor your dog will love.

The main ingredient in these oven-baked treats is antibiotic-free chicken. Chicken provides a complete, high-quality protein source to help maintain your dog’s muscles and energy levels. These treats are also naturally low in fat and calories, making them a healthier choice for snacking, training or rewarding.

Caledon Farms Chicken Sticks contain no fillers, by-products or artificial preservatives. It’s just simple, natural ingredients baked into a chewy, savory stick. There are no added sugars, salts or artificial colors either. You can feel good giving these treats made with minimal, high-quality ingredients.

These oven-baked sticks have a delicious chicken aroma and tasty chicken flavor. Your dog will be begging for these meaty, chewy treats! Their moderate calories also make these sticks great for using as training rewards or for snacking without overdoing it on calories.

Caledon Farms Chicken Stick Treats are produced in a human-grade facility in Canada. They follow strict quality standards and are proudly made in North America with North American ingredients. Give your dog a treat you can trust!

Benefits of Caledon Farms Oven Baked Chicken Stick Treats

  • Made with North American chicken as the first ingredient
  • Provides a nutritious source of protein for muscles
  • Naturally low in fat and calories
  • No fillers, by-products or artificial preservatives
  • Minimal ingredients for sensitive tummies
  • Delicious oven-baked chicken flavor
  • Moderate calories perfect for training treats
  • Chewy stick shape great for chewing
  • Produced in a human-grade facility in Canada
  • Made with North American ingredients


Caledon Farms Chicken Stick Dog Treats contain just a few simple, natural ingredients:

  • Chicken – Provides protein for energy and muscle maintenance. Also gives these treats their appetizing chicken meat flavor.
  • Flour – Aids in holding the sticks together during baking.
  • Vegetable Oil – Helps create a crisp outer texture.
  • Mixed Tocopherols – A natural preservative to maintain freshness.

Chewy Chicken Sticks for Training, Rewarding or Snacking

Caledon Farms Oven Baked Chicken Sticks are not only delicious, but versatile too. Their long stick shape is perfect for chewing, making it easy for your dog to grip and gnaw. The chewy texture also helps clean teeth and massage gums.

These oven-baked treats can also be broken into smaller pieces to use as training rewards. Their tasty chicken flavor and moderate calories will keep your dog focused without overfeeding. Use pieces as rewards for obedience, tricks or any other positive reinforcement training.

You can also feel good just giving these savory sticks for snacking. Their minimal ingredients and naturally low fat content make them a healthier option. Plus your dog will love the yummy chicken taste!

Made in North America with North American ingredients, Caledon Farms Chicken Stick Treats contain no artificial preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s simply wholesome chicken baked into a chewy, meaty stick shape dogs love.

Give your faithful friend a delicious, protein-packed reward today with Caledon Farms Oven Baked Chicken Stick Treats. Your dog will be begging for these tasty chicken treats!


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