Cadet Stuffed Shin Bone for Dogs – Refillable Long-Lasting Chicken Flavored Bone for Aggressive Chewers Over 30 lbs



Give your big dog a hearty chewing challenge with the Cadet Stuffed Shin Bone. This refillable bone is specially designed to stand up to aggressive chewers for hours of chewing entertainment.

Savory Chicken Filling

This large shin bone is stuffed with a savory chicken flavored spread that dogs love. The irresistible chicken flavor encourages chewing satisfaction.

Refillable for Extended Fun

Unscrew both ends of the bone to access the inner compartment. Simply add your dog’s favorite spreadable treats to refill over and over again.

Supports Dental Hygiene

The natural chewing action helps clean teeth and reduce plaque buildup. Promotes better dental health for your dog as they gnaw.

Long-Lasting Chew

This stuffed bone is specially designed with aggressive chewers in mind. Provides hours of chewing entertainment for even the most powerful jaws.

Hard exterior, Soft interior

Features a hard outer layer that stands up to intense chewing, and a tasty spreadable filling inside to entice your dog.

Curbs Destructive Behavior

Keep your energetic dog happily occupied with this premium bone. An excellent alternative to destructive chewing of shoes or furniture.

For Large Dog Breeds

This extra-large bone is specially sized for bigger dogs over 30 pounds. Not suitable for small dogs or puppies.

Made in the USA

Produced domestically in our US-based facilities under strict quality control. You can trust Cadet to deliver only premium chews.

Vet Recommended Brand

Veterinarians recommend Cadet chews for active dogs. Customers trust the Cadet brand for high quality and safety standards.

Protein for Muscle

Packed with protein to help build and maintain your large dog’s muscles. Supports an energetic lifestyle and lean muscle mass.

Give your powerful chewer a taste of chicken heaven with the Cadet Stuffed Shin Bone! This refillable bone provides extra-long-lasting chewing enjoyment. Made in the USA.


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