Cadet Premium Grade Munchy Beef Hide Sticks – Long Lasting Rawhide Chews for Adult Dogs Over 5 lbs – 50 Count



Give your dog a hearty, protein-packed chew with Cadet Premium Grade Munchy Beef Hide Sticks. These all-natural rawhide sticks are made with premium beef hide for a super tasty treat.

Irresistible Beef Flavor

Dogs go crazy for the savory beef taste. The naturally delicious beef flavor keeps pups coming back for more. Made with only premium beef hide sourced from trusted ranches.

Single Ingredient

Contains just one single ingredient – 100% real beef hide. No added flavors, colors, preservatives or mystery meats. Only high-quality protein-rich beef hide chews.

Long Lasting Chews

These premium rawhide sticks provide hours of blissful chewing entertainment. An excellent boredom buster to keep your dog happily occupied for hours on end.

Promotes Dental Health

The natural chewing action gently scrapes away plaque and tartar buildup. This helps freshen doggy breath and promote better dental hygiene.

Responsibly Sourced

Made from premium beef cattle raised on USA farms. Cadet upholds strict standards for sourcing to ensure the highest quality rawhide.

Helps Curb Destructive Chewing

Give your dog a tasty, long-lasting chew to satisfy their natural urge to chew. An excellent way to help protect your belongings from damage.

Premium Ingredients

Crafted from only the finest beef hide from cattle fed nutritious diets. No questionable ingredients – just high-quality protein-packed rawhide.

Protein for Muscle Growth

Beef hide is loaded with essential protein to help build and maintain your dog’s muscles. Supports an active, energetic lifestyle for dogs of all ages.

Made in the USA

Produced in USA-based facilities under strict quality control and food safety standards. You can trust Cadet to deliver safe, nourishing treats.

Vet Recommended Brand

Veterinarians recommend Cadet chews for dental health and occupying dogs. Our commitment to premium ingredients makes Cadet a trusted brand.

50 Count Value Bundle

Each pack comes with 50 full-size 6.5 inch beef hide sticks. Stock up on these protein-packed chews your dog will love. Great value for your money.

For Adult Dogs Over 5 lbs

These full-size munchy sticks are ideal for adult dogs over 5 lbs. Monitor your dog during use and provide an appropriate size chew for safety.

Inspected for Quality

All Cadet chews undergo rigorous inspection at multiple stages to guarantee safety and consistency. You can trust each stick meets our stringent standards.

Treat your dog to irresistible beefy goodness with Cadet Munchy Sticks! Each 50 count pack provides long-lasting rawhide chewing satisfaction. Made in the USA using premium ingredients.


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