Cadet Premium Grade Beef Hide Dog Chews – Long Lasting Rawhide Chips, Curls & Rolls for Small, Medium & Large Dogs



Give your dog a hearty treat they’ll really sink their teeth into with Cadet Premium Grade Beef Hide Chews. These rawhide chews are made with premium beef hide for a natural chewing experience dogs love.

100% Beef Hide from Free-Range Cattle

Sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle raised on USA farms. Only the highest quality hides are used to craft each all-natural chew. You can trust Cadet beef hide is healthy and nourishing for dogs.

No Added Ingredients

Contains just one single ingredient – 100% real beef hide. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or mystery meats added. Just pure, protein-packed rawhide with a flavor dogs naturally crave.

Variety of Shapes & Textures

This 2 lb bag includes a variety of enticing shapes like chips, curls, twists, rolls, bones and rings. Different sizes and textures to keep your dog engaged and satisfied.

Cleans Teeth & Reduces Plaque

The natural abrasiveness gently scrapes away plaque and tartar as your dog chews. This helps reduce bacteria in the mouth for better dental health and fresh doggy breath.

Long-Lasting Chew Experience

These hearty rawhide chews provide hours of chewing entertainment. An excellent boredom buster to keep your dog happily occupied and out of trouble.

For Small, Medium & Large Breeds

This assortment contains chews sized for dogs of all breeds and ages. We carefully bake and inspect each one to ensure safety and durability.

Made in the USA

Produced in USA-based facilities under strict quality control. You can feel confident giving your dog Cadet chews made to meet the highest standards.

Curbs Destructive Chewing

These long-lasting chews provide a healthy outlet for your dog’s natural chewing instincts. Help protect your furniture, shoes and belongings.

Premium Ingredients

Crafted from premium beef hide sourced from trusted American ranches. No questionable mystery meats – just high-quality rawhide USA dogs love.

Promotes Dental Hygiene

The chewing action helps prevent tartar buildup and promotes cleaner teeth. Give your dog something nourishing to chew on while improving their dental health.

Protein for Muscle Growth

Beef is packed with essential protein to support your active pup. Protein helps build and maintain lean muscle mass for an energized, healthy dog.

Irresistible Beef Flavor

Dogs go wild for the irresistible savory beef flavor. A tasty, protein-rich treat your best buddy will love and come back for again and again.

Vet Recommended Brand

Veterinarians recommend Cadet chews for dental health. Our natural ingredients and stringent safety standards make Cadet a trusted brand.

Reward your faithful friend with a top-quality chew from Cadet! Each 2 lb bag of Premium Grade Beef Hide Chews contains a tasty variety of rawhide chips, curls, rolls and more. Made in the USA and inspected for your total peace of mind.


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