Cadet Gourmet Sweet Potato Fries Dog Treats – Healthy Natural Sweet Potato Dog Training Treats for Small & Large Dogs



Treat your dog to something naturally delicious with Cadet Gourmet Sweet Potato Fries Dog Treats! Made with one simple, whole ingredient – real sweet potatoes. These crunchy baked fries are the perfect nutritious reward to reinforce good behavior for both small and large dogs.

100% Real Sweet Potato

At Cadet, we believe in using only the best ingredients for our furry companions. That’s why these tasty training treats are made with just one single ingredient – 100% real sweet potatoes. Each fry is sliced from whole sweet potatoes and slow-baked to crunchy perfection. Your dog will love the natural sweet potato flavor in every bite!

Low in Fat & Calories

Sweet potatoes are not only packed with vitamins and minerals, they are also low in fat and calories compared to many dog treats. The sweet potato fries contain no added sugars or unnecessary fat, making them a nutritious choice. You can feel good rewarding your dog with these healthy crunchy fries.

Natural Ingredients & Flavors

You won’t find any artificial ingredients or synthetic flavors in Cadet Sweet Potato Fries. Made from all-natural whole sweet potatoes grown by trusted American farmers. Simple, real food is the best fuel for your dog’s health and happiness. No corn, wheat, soy or fillers – just 100% sweet potato goodness.

Nutritious Training Treats

The sweet potato fries are the perfect size for dog training. Reward good behavior and reinforce training with these tasty crunchy bites. The natural nutrients will help support your dog’s overall health and wellness too. An excellent alternative to fatty or high-calorie treats.

Made in the USA

You can trust the quality of Cadet Gourmet treats. Every batch is carefully inspected and tested to guarantee they meet our standards. Produced in USA facilities to ensure freshness. We oversee every step from sourcing ingredients to baking and packaging.

Crunchy Baked Fries

Your dog will love the crispy texture of these crunchy baked fries! The sweet potato slices are slowly baked to deliver a satisfying, hardy crunch dogs crave. A tasty and fun alternative to traditional dog biscuits.

For Small & Large Breeds

The sweet potato fry treats are suitable for both small and large dog breeds. An appropriate size for training and rewarding dogs of all sizes. Plus the natural flavor appeals to even the pickiest of pups!

Simple Whole Food Ingredient

Made with just one premium ingredient – whole sweet potatoes. No mystery ingredients or artificial junk. Just real, recognizable food your dog will love. You can actually see the sweet potato slices in every fry!

Irresistible Crunch & Flavor

Dogs can’t resist these irresistibly crunchy and delicious sweet potato fries! The baked crispy texture paired with the sweet nourishing flavor makes these a treat your furry friend is sure to love. A tail-wagging good choice for dogs of all ages.

Reward & Reinforce

Use Cadet Sweet Potato Fries to reward and reinforce positive behaviors during training. The baked crunchy fries are the perfect size for treating dogs of all sizes. Show your dog some love after a job well done!

Give your faithful companion the tails-up treat they deserve with Cadet Gourmet Sweet Potato Fries Dog Treats! One bag contains 1 pound of crunchy baked sweet potato fry slices. Made in the USA and inspected for your peace of mind.


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