Cadet Gourmet Beef Hide & Duck Twists – Meaty Dog Treats Wrapping Duck in Beef Hide



Give your dog a delicious chewing twist with Cadet Gourmet Beef Hide & Duck Twists. These two-flavor dog treats wrap tender duck breast in highly digestible beef hide for chewing delight. The savory duck and beef flavors will have your dog drooling for more.

The twist shape provides exciting crunch and texture to clean teeth and massage gums. Naturally nutritious duck and beef support lean muscles and sustained energy. Containing no artificial ingredients, these limited ingredient treats are gentle on sensitive tummies.

Proudly made in the USA, Cadet Beef Hide & Duck Twists undergo rigorous inspections to guarantee safety and quality. Reward your pup with a mouthwatering chew to support their dental health and satisfy their chewing instincts.

Supports Dental Health

The twist shape and gnaw-worthy texture provide a thorough teeth cleaning as your dog chews. This mechanical abrasion scrapes away plaque and tartar to help prevent gum disease. The chewing action also stimulates saliva production to wash away bacteria and food debris.

Give your dog a twist after meals or during playtime to support better oral hygiene and breath freshness. Their pearly whites will shine bright with regular chewing.

Two Delicious Flavors

Cadet wraps premium duck breast fillet in highly digestible beef hide for a taste sensation dogs love. The savory duck and beef flavors keep your pup coming back for more chewing enjoyment.

You can see and smell only natural ingredients are used in these tasty limited ingredient treats. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives – just real duck and beef.

The mouthwatering combo provides a flavor journey that excites your dog’s senses and chewing instincts. Their tails will wag with joy for these delicious dual-flavor chews!

Long Lasting Chew

Say goodbye to chews gone in seconds! The twist shape and two flavors give dogs more to sink their teeth into. Both the duck and beef hide offer sturdy texture for longer-lasting chewing.

These hearty chews occupy high-energy dogs for hours of chewing engagement and jaw exercise. The longer they chew, the cleaner their teeth too!

Give your power chewer a worthy chewing challenge they’ll love conquering. Cadet Beef Hide & Duck Twists provide flap-smacking chewing satisfaction.

Natural Protein for Health

Duck and beef are naturally nutritious proteins that contribute to your dog’s health. Protein supports strong muscles, brain function, hormones, and immunity. It also contains amino acids for healthy joints, eyes, skin, and coat.

The high protein content energizes your active pup while the low fat keeps their waistline slim. You can feel good rewarding your buddy with these wholesome protein chews daily.

Rigorously Tested for Safety

All Cadet chews undergo extensive testing in their USA facilities before being approved for sale. Each batch is inspected and analyzed to guarantee it meets Cadet’s strict quality standards.

You can trust Cadet treats to offer safe chewing enjoyment and nutrition for your furry best friend. Their rigorously controlled production process ensures the highest quality.

Give your good dog a treat that measures up with Cadet Gourmet Beef Hide & Duck Twists! This tastebud-tantalizing chew provides dual meat flavor and texture for dental delight.


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