Cadet 100% Beef Strips – Long-Lasting Dental Dog Treats Made of Single Ingredient Beef Esophagus



Treat your dog to delicious, nutritious, and long-lasting Cadet 100% Beef Strips. These natural dog chews are made in the USA from a single ingredient – premium beef esophagus. They support dental health, hip and joint function, and lean muscle mass.

The high protein and low fat content in Cadet Beef Strips makes them the perfect healthy dog treat. Their authentic beef flavor keeps even the pickiest pups coming back for more. These chewy treats help satisfy dogs’ natural urge to chew while promoting oral health through the natural abrasive action.

Cadet uses only high quality American beef sourced from USDA inspected facilities. Their treats undergo rigorous testing so you can feel confident giving Beef Strips to your pet every day.

Supports Dental Health

Chewing on Cadet’s 100% beef esophagus strips helps scrape away plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. The natural abrasiveness cleans down to the gumline to reduce bacteria and prevent periodontal disease.

The chewing action also stimulates saliva production to wash away food particles and neutralize mouth acids. This helps freshen dog breath while reducing tooth decay and gum disease.

Give your pup a Beef Strip after meals or during playtime to support dental health between professional cleanings. Daily chewing will keep teeth and gums clean, fresh, and healthy.

Single Ingredient Protein Source

Cadet Beef Strips contain just one ingredient – beef esophagus. This makes them a healthy choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies.

Beef esophagus is the tender, naturally chewy part of beef intestine. It’s highly digestible and packed with essential amino acids dogs need.

The high protein content supports lean muscle development and helps maintain energy levels. The low fat beef strips are a nutritious treat option for overweight dogs.

You can see and smell that these are all natural treats made from real beef. Cadet Beef Strips contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Long-Lasting Chew Treat

Say goodbye to demolished dog treats that are wolfed down in seconds. Cadet’s 100% beef esophagus strips are extra thick and long-lasting for more chewing satisfaction.

These high-quality chews give your dog something tasty to gnaw on for hours. The natural texture helps clean teeth and massage gums too.

Beef Strips are perfect for keeping energetic pups happily occupied. The long-lasting chew experience helps prevent destructive chewing behaviors.

These are also great interactive toys for bonding and playing fetch with your furry best friend. Toss a Beef Strip and watch your doggo go to town on these hearty, rewarding chews.

Supports Hip and Joint Health

The rich protein content in Cadet Beef Strips provides vital nutrients for joint health and mobility. Protein is essential for rebuilding and repairing muscle, cartilage, and connective tissues.

Chewing beef esophagus is also great jaw exercise for senior dogs. The natural motions strengthen muscles, stimulate blood flow, and increase flexibility in the neck, jaws, and shoulders. Easing stiffness and pain helps aging pups stay active longer.

The high protein and glucosamine in Beef Strips makes them an ideal treat for dogs with arthritis or mobility issues. Support healthy joints and better flexibility with these nourishing chews.

Made in the USA

Cadet takes pride in crafting premium pet treats and chews in the United States. Their 100% beef esophagus strips are prepared, processed, and packaged entirely in American facilities.

All Cadet products undergo extensive quality control testing before being declared fit for sale. Their rigorous standards ensure these beef strips are always healthy and nutritious for your pup.

You can feel good rewarding your well-behaved buddy with Cadet Beef Strips. Their long-lasting authentic flavor and dental health benefits make dogs go wild for these tasty chew treats.


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