Butcher Shop Chicken & Rawhide Rolls Dog Treats – 20 Count Value Pack



Treat your pup to a tasty, tempting chew with Butcher Shop Chicken & Rawhide Rolls Dog Treats. This value pack includes 20 rolls of rawhide wrapped in real chicken for double the flavor and chewing fun.


  • 20 count pack
  • 5-inch rolls
  • Chicken wrapped rawhide
  • Irresistible chicken flavor
  • Helps clean teeth
  • Made in the USA

Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Rolls

Butcher Shop Chicken & Rawhide Rolls combine two dog treat favorites into one – tasty chicken and long-lasting rawhide. Each 5-inch twist has a chicken-flavored rawhide center wrapped in real chicken for a mouthwatering flavor combo.

Dogs adore the irresistible taste and tantalizing aroma of these chicken and rawhide rolls. The two delicious flavors in one treat double the chewing pleasure. Give your pup a savory rolled treat they’ll love sinking their teeth into!

Supports Dental Health While Chewing

The rawhide center of these tasty rolls will help clean your dog’s teeth to reduce plaque and tartar buildup as they chew. The abrasive texture also aids in removing debris from the surface of teeth and stimulating gum tissue.

The chicken outer layer provides extra flavor to keep your dog interested in chewing. The longer they chew, the better the dental benefits! Reward your pup with a chew treat that supports their oral hygiene.

Irresistible Real Chicken Flavor

Dogs can’t resist real chicken flavor! The chicken portion of these rolled treats delivers a rich, mouthwatering taste dogs crave. Real chicken provides a natural meaty flavor better than any artificial flavoring.

Chicken is also a source of protein to support your pup’s muscles and a healthy diet. Give your dog a scrumptious chew made with real food ingredients you can feel good about.

Long-Lasting Chewing Satisfaction

Keep your pup happily occupied for hours of chewing enjoyment with these tasty chicken and rawhide rolls. The twisted shape gives your dog’s jaws a workout while satisfying their natural urge to chew.

The rawhide center stands up to even aggressive chewers, slowly unwinding from the inside out. Your power chewer can dig in without destroying the roll right away. Provide long-lasting chewing engagement and entertainment.

Crafted in the USA

Butcher Shop Chicken & Rawhide Rolls are proudly made in the United States. You can have confidence in the quality of ingredients and standards used to produce these rolled treats.

Support American jobs while giving your dog a tasty chew made by a brand you can trust. Butcher Shop puts your pup’s safety and enjoyment first.

Convenient Value Pack

Each pack contains 20 chicken and rawhide rolls for plenty of chew treats to keep your dog happy. The bundled rolls are shrink-wrapped to seal in freshness and make storage neat and easy.

With 20 rolls in one bag, you get great value for your money. This bulk quantity means you always have a tasty roll on hand to toss to your eager pup.

Give your canine best friend a mouthwatering chew that will have their tail wagging wildly. Click Add to Cart now for this value pack of Butcher Shop Chicken & Rawhide Rolls!


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