Burt’s Bees Natural Detangling Spray for Dogs – Nourishing Formula with Lemon & Linseed Oil



Grooming is a breeze with Burt’s Bees Natural Detangling Spray for dogs! This nourishing formula gently loosens knots and tangles as you brush your pup’s coat. Made with moisturizing oils and natural lemon peel, it leaves fur silky soft.

Veterinarian recommended for dogs, this pH balanced detangler is free of harsh chemicals. The mild spray reduces stress during grooming for a happier, healthier bonding experience. Get your pup’s fur in fabulous condition!

Minimizes Knots, Tangles & Matting

Does your dog fuss and fidget during grooming sessions? This natural detangling spray makes brushing less of a struggle. The lightweight formula minimizes pulling that can irritate skin.

It gently loosens knots as you brush from root to tip for painless detangling. No more fights with tangled fur or painful yanks. Bath time and routine brushing just got so much easier!

Nourishes Fur with Natural Oils

The formula hydrates and nourishes your pup’s coat thanks to moisturizing oils. Antioxidant-rich linseed oil smooths the fur cuticle to prevent future tangles and matting.

Lemon peel oil cleanses fur and balances pH levels. Oils lift dirt while leaving your dog’s coat healthy, manageable and oh so soft. Your pup will love the caring touch!

Gentle for All Dogs & Puppies

This detangler is formulated to match your dog’s sensitive skin pH. It contains no harsh chemicals, fragrances, sulfates or parabens making it safe if licked.

The mild blend of botanical ingredients and natural oils is ideal for puppies and adult dogs of all breeds. Moisturize your furry friend safely and gently.

Trusted Cruelty-Free Brand

Burt’s Bees has crafted natural, responsibly-sourced products since 1984. Their Leaping Bunny certified formulas like this grooming spray uphold the highest standards of care.

Veterinarian approved and made in the USA, you can feel good using Burt’s Bees pet products. Pamper your pup the kind, cruelty-free way.

Easy & Effective Detangling

Make grooming something to wag about! Simply spritz this conditioning spray onto dry fur before brushing. Work from tips to roots to gently smooth out snarls.

The natural oils restore shine while preventing future tangles. Use weekly when brushing or as needed to keep your pup’s coat healthy between full baths.

Convenient 10 oz Spray Bottle

The large 10 oz spray bottle provides an economical supply of coat-nourishing detangler. Lightly mist all over your dog’s fur and brush through.

Keep it handy for grooming sessions at home or bring it along to the groomer. The leak-proof bottle fits perfectly in your pet supply bag.

Buy Now for Easy Detangling!

Give your dog’s coat a treat with Burt’s Bees Natural Detangling Spray. This nourishing formula makes grooming frustration-free. Get your pup looking gorgeous — click Add to Cart today!


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