BUMBIN No Pull Dog Harness – Sturdy & Reflective Training Vest for Large Dogs



Give your large breed dog the comfort and control they need on walks with the BUMBIN No Pull Dog Harness. This heavy-duty harness is thoughtfully designed to make walking your powerful pup a breeze.

No Pull Front Clip Stops Pulling

The front clip on this dog harness gives you more control over dogs that pull on leash. Connecting the leash to the front attachment acts like a gentle steering wheel, turning your dog back towards you if they start to pull ahead. This humanely redirects your dog’s energy and teaches them not to pull over time.

Padded Vest Disperses Pressure

Unlike choke collars or harnesses that constrict, the BUMBIN No Pull Dog Harness disperses pressure across the chest to reduce strain on the trachea. The soft padding cushions and protects the chest and belly.

Breathable Mesh Keeps Dogs Cool

Don’t let your dog overheat on walks! This dog harness is made with a lightweight cotton fabric featuring breathable air mesh panels. These ventilation zones allow air to freely circulate to keep your pup cool and comfortable all day long.

Easy On/Off Nesting Buckle

Save time and frustration with the unique nesting buckle system on this large dog harness. Just slip it over your dog’s head and connect the single side release buckle to secure it in place. To take it off, simply detach the 3 buckles – no need to adjust sizing each time!

Heavy-Duty Durability

Built tough for adventure-loving dogs, this harness can withstand whatever your powerful pup dishes out. It’s constructed with reinforced stitching and features sturdy metal D-rings with a 2000N pull force tolerance. Enjoy road trips, hikes, playtime and more without worry!

Full Range of Motion

Allow your dog to move comfortably with a harness designed for full mobility. The extended arc back sits away from joints, eliminating irritation. Go for brisk walks or jogging without chafing or restricting movement.

Reflective Strips for Safety

Be visible during nighttime walks and early morning adventures with reflective accents throughout the harness. These reflective strips shine brightly when illuminated to keep your dog safe and seen.

Customizable with Hook & Loop

Personalize your dog’s harness and show off their personality! The hook and loop ID tag pocket and panels allow you to attach morale patches, badges, service dog patches and more. Get creative customizing it.

Ideal for Large Breeds

This front clip dog harness is sized right to fit big dogs like German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Siberian Huskies, Rottweilers, and more. Refer to the size chart and measure your dog before ordering.

Give your big buddy the freedom to walk politely on a leash with the BUMBIN No Pull Dog Harness. With smart features for comfort, safety, and personality, this thoughtfully designed harness makes walks more enjoyable for both of you.


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