Bully Grip Dog Chew Safety Device – Fits Bully Sticks, Yak Cheese, Rawhide & More (One Size Fits All)



Give your dog a tasty chewable treat without the worry of choking hazards with the Bully Grip chew safety device. This innovative bully stick holder keeps treats secured in place for a safer and more enjoyable chewing experience.

Locks in Place to Prevent Choking or Blockages

The Bully Grip safely locks bully sticks, raw hide bones, yak cheese sticks, and other chewables in place to help prevent choking or blockages. No more having to pry unfinished treats from your dog’s mouth! The screw tightens to hold treats securely until the chew is completely finished off.

Fits a Wide Variety of Chew Stick Shapes and Sizes

This bully stick holder accommodates round, square, or oblong treats from 3/8” up to 1 1/4” wide. It fits most bully sticks, yak cheese chews, rawhide bones, pig ears, himalayan chews, and other natural chew sticks and bones for dogs. One size truly fits all!

Made of Durable, Dog-Safe Materials

The chew holder is constructed of natural rubber that stands up to aggressive chewing. The screw is BPA-free food-grade nylon for durability. Unlike brittle plastic holders, the strong rubber withstands daily use without cracking. Both materials are non-toxic and safe if ingested.

Allows Dogs to Enjoy Treats at Their Natural Pace

Your dog can relish their favorite chewy treat to the very last bite without you having to intervene. The Bully Grip allows them to enjoy bully sticks, dental bones, pig ears, etc at their own chewing rhythm until the treat is completely gone.

Promotes Better Dental Hygiene

As your dog works on a locked-in chewy treat, it helps scrape away plaque and tartar for better dental health. Chewing also satisfies your dog’s innate need to gnaw and provides positive stimulation. The Bully Grip makes the experience safer!

Easy to Use and Maintain

Simply place your dog’s treat into the rubber holder and tighten the screw to secure it in place – super easy! When done, the holder can be washed in the dishwasher for next time. Minimal hassle for pet parents.

For All Size Dogs – Big or Small

This handy bully stick holder is suitable for dogs of all sizes. Small breeds can chew without choking risks. Perfect for larger dogs who tend to scarf down treats too! Adjust screw tightness as needed.

Monitor Your Pet During Use

While the Bully Grip significantly improves chewing safety, pets should never be left alone with any chews or toys to prevent accidental ingestion of pieces. Always supervise your dog during use.

Veterinarian Recommended

The Bully Grip provides peace of mind for pet parents and vets who want dogs to chew safely. Customers rave about finally being able to relax while their dog enjoys bully sticks thanks to this simple yet genius gadget!

Provide Your Dog with a Safer Chewing Experience

Give your pup the satisfying chewing experience they crave without the worries. The Bully Grip makes bully sticks, raw hide, yak cheese, and other natural chews safer for dogs of all sizes. Buy one today!


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