BUDDY BUDDER Beef Broth Peanut Butter – All Natural Dog Treat



Give your dog a nutritious peanut butter treat made just for them with BUDDY BUDDER’s Beef Broth flavor.

This irresistible peanut butter contains only 3 simple, human-grade ingredients: peanuts, beef broth and honey. No artificial sugars, salts, corn syrup or stabilizers.

The savory taste of beef broth gives this peanut butter an umami flavor dogs absolutely love. They’ll go wild for the rich, meaty taste paired with creamy peanut butter.

Stuff in Toys, Use as a Pill Pocket & More

This versatile peanut butter can be used in many ways:

  • Stuff inside enrichment toys to make them more engaging
  • Fill up a Kong for a long-lasting chew treat
  • Use as a pill pocket to easily give your dog medicine
  • Make homemade dog treats with peanut butter flavor baked right in
  • Create nutritious frozen treats in silicone molds
  • Simply let your dog lick it right off a spoon!

The possibilities are endless with this peanut butter treat. It’s great for keeping your dog mentally stimulated.

Refrigerate for Ideal Thick Consistency

BUDDY BUDDER is all natural with no stabilizers. Refrigerating allows it to reach the perfect thick, scoopable texture for stuffing in toys easily.

It spreads smoothly at room temperature if you prefer to use it for making baked treats. We recommend storing in the fridge to maintain freshness.

Made in the USA with Care

This peanut butter is proudly crafted in the USA using thoughtfully selected ingredients. We oversee production in our own facility to guarantee quality.

It’s produced in small batches and inspected for freshness before being packaged. Your dog’s health is our top priority.

Give Your Dog a Nutritious Treat

Show your furry friend some love with BUDDY BUDDER Beef Broth Peanut Butter. This all natural treat nourishes their body and satisfies cravings.

Dogs adore the irresistible umami flavor. BUDDY BUDDER puts your pup’s health first so you can feel good rewarding them.


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