BSEEN LED Dog Collar Light – Keep Your Pup Safe and Seen on Nighttime Walks



Does your dog get lost in the shadows on evening walks? Do you worry about your pup’s safety when visibility is low? The BSEEN LED Dog Collar Light keeps your pet seen and secure after dark with its bright, glowing LEDs.

This revolutionary light-up dog collar features a row of super bright LEDs that illuminate in the dark, making your dog visible up to 1/4 mile away. The bright LEDs have a charming glow that looks stylish while keeping your dog safe.

Key Features:

  • Glows Brightly After Dark – The LEDs emit a vibrant glow in the dark that makes your dog easy to see on nighttime walks.
  • Rechargeable Battery – The built-in rechargeable battery powers the LEDs. Easily recharge with the included USB charging cord.
  • Adjustable Size – Designed for small breeds, the collar is adjustable with a buckle closure to ensure a perfect fit.
  • 2 Flash Modes – Choose from steady glow or quick flash with the mode button for ideal visibility.
  • Durable and Waterproof – Made with tough nylon, the collar stands up to daily wear. The LEDs are sealed for water resistance.

Illuminate Your Walks

Darkness shouldn’t put a stop to your evening dog walks. The BSEEN LED Dog Collar allows you to continue strolling at dusk, dawn, or night thanks to its bright glow-in-the-dark LEDs.

Strategically placed around the collar, the LEDs emit a long-lasting glow that makes your pup visible at distances up to 1/4 mile. Drivers and bicyclists will spot your dog from a distance, helping avoid potential accidents. Now you can walk worry-free in low light conditions.

The LEDs have a stylish, eye-catching glow that looks great on your dog. Choose between two light modes to help tails wag on walks:

  • Steady Glow Mode – Perfect for most walks, this mode keeps the LEDs illuminated in a constant glow, like a little headlight around your dog’s neck.
  • Flash Mode – For extra visibility, put the collar in flash mode. The LEDs blink rapidly, creating a bright, attention-grabbing effect.

With the BSEEN collar, you’ll stand out from the shadows.

Recharge and Reuse

The LED dog collar light features a built-in rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to deal with replacing batteries. Simply connect the included USB charging cable to recharge after a walk.

A full charge lasts for several hours of glow time. When the LEDs start to dim, power up the collar again for maximum brightness. It’s that easy!

The collar is designed for repeated use. The embedded LEDs are durable to withstand your pup’s daily activities. When it’s time for a recharge, the water-resistant housing protects the collar so you can repower the LEDs.

Designed For Small Breeds

Perfect for smaller dogs up to 15 pounds, the BSEEN LED dog collar adjusts to fit their little necks.

The collar includes a buckle closure so you can find the ideal size and customized fit for your pup. Get it snug enough to stay put without being uncomfortable.

Once sized, the sturdy nylon collar material helps it hold its shape. The soft edging keeps your dog comfy on extended walks. Plus, the slim profile blends into your dog’s fur.

Take your tiny companion out with total confidence thanks to the collar’s vibrant nighttime visibility. The BSEEN collar will become a walking staple.

Build a Safer Walk

Darkness, distracted drivers, bicyclists—walking your dog at night can feel risky at times. Protect your pup and reduce worry with the unique BSEEN LED Dog Collar.

The glowing LEDs grab attention so motorists see your dog from a distance. The bright lights act like a beacon around your dog’s neck, providing 360° visibility.

Drivers have more time to react, keeping accident risks lower. You’ll breathe easier knowing vehicles are aware of your small pup.

In neighborhoods, the eye-catching lights also announce your dog’s presence. Bicyclists coming up from behind can spot the glow and avoid a possible collision.

For ultimate peace of mind, put the collar in flash mode. The blinking LEDs are impossible to miss!

Go enjoy longer walks with the security of illumination. Drivers and bicyclists will take notice. More importantly, you’ll have less concern over mishaps, thanks to the collar’s brilliant shine.

Take the Fun on the Run

Don’t cut your dog walks short when daylight fades. The BSEEN LED Collar keeps the adventures going even after the sun goes down.

Your pup can continue patrolling the neighborhood, greeting dog friends, and sniffing their favorite spots when they’re sporting this light-up collar.

The glowing LEDs make your dog visible so you can both enjoy favorite walking routes day or night. Extend play and bonding time without sacrificing safety.

The weather-resistant BSEEN collar can handle the elements too. A little drizzle or snow won’t dim its shine, so seasonal weather won’t interfere with your plans.

Night walking meets illumination with this smart LED pet collar. Don’t head inside when you can expand playtime under the lights!

Order Today for Worry-Free Walks

Don’t let early sunsets or poor visibility cut your dog walks short. The BSEEN LED Dog Collar keeps pups seen and secure on nighttime strolls.

The bright, long-lasting LEDs provide 360° visibility to keep drivers and bicyclists alert. Choose steady or flashing light modes for personalized safety.

Designed for smaller dog breeds, this adjustable, rechargeable collar provides worries-free walks at dawn, dusk, and nighttime.

Order the BSEEN LED Dog Collar now to start illuminating your adventures!


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