BRONZEDOG Sturdy Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for Husky & Doberman – Heavy Duty Training & Walking Mask



Keep your energetic Husky or powerful Doberman secure in this rugged and well-ventilated wire basket muzzle by BRONZEDOG. Expertly crafted with durable, lightweight steel and padded with soft neoprene over the nose, this canine mask allows your dog to breathe, drink, and take treats comfortably while preventing biting.

Sturdy Steel Construction for Ultimate Durability

Built to last through years of regular use, this heavy-duty dog muzzle features an exceptionally strong wire basket shape made from steel. While ensuring your dog can’t bite, the open basket design also allows for unrestricted panting and nose licking so your pup stays cool and comfortable on walks even in hot weather.

Padded Nose for Comfort

Your dog’s comfort is a top priority, so the nose area of this effective muzzle is generously padded with soft neoprene for a non-irritating and gentle fit. The padding prevents the wire from rubbing while still keeping the muzzle secure.

Fully Adjustable Leather Straps for Customizable Fit

To keep active and strong dogs like Huskies and Dobermans from wriggling out, this muzzle fastens securely with four wide leather straps that fully adjust for a perfect customized fit.

The two side straps have 3 size adjustment holes and measure 3.5 inches long fully extended. The forehead strap has 6 holes for sizing with a full length of 8.5 inches. The around-the-head strap has 10 holes for the ideal fit and is 19.5 inches long when totally let out.

Allows Drinking, Treats & Comfortable Breathing

The open wire basket shape gives your dog’s nose and mouth plenty of room. Your pup can comfortably accept treats and snacks through the muzzle gaps, lick water to stay hydrated, and fully pant even during exercise to prevent overheating.

Ideal Uses for This Secure & Humane Muzzle

The BRONZEDOG muzzle is perfect for many situations where preventing biting is essential, including:

  • Dog training – stop mouthing, nipping & chewing
  • Vet visits – reduce stress and ensure safety
  • Grooming sessions
  • Public walks – protects people and other dogs
  • Recovery from injuries – prevents licking wounds

As a responsible husky or doberman owner, a strong and comfortable muzzle is an essential tool to have on hand anytime biting could be a risk to your dog or others. While no muzzle should be worn for extended periods, this model gives you the security of quick and effective biting prevention while enabling your dog to breathe and drink normally.

Introducing a Muzzle in a Positive Way

For the happiness of both you and your dog, introduce muzzle training gradually with patience, rewards and praise. Let your pup sniff, lick and explore the muzzle at their own pace before fitting it. Give treats and toys through the gaps to create a positive association. Take it slow and keep sessions brief and upbeat.

Proper Fit Matters

Ensuring the right tight-but-comfortable fit is key so the muzzle can’t be shaken off but also avoids rubbing or putting pressure on the nose. Use the fully adjustable leather straps to achieve the ideal customized size for your husky or doberman’s unique head shape. Allow room for panting but aim for minimal looseness. Check for rubbing and loosen if needed.

High-Quality Durable Materials

Constructed from steel and top-grain leather with neoprene padding, this rugged muzzle is built to handle regular use without corrosion, stretching out, cracking or breaking. The materials are non-toxic and safe even for dogs who chew.

Keep Your Energetic Dog Secure While Allowing Natural Behaviors

If your Siberian Husky or Doberman Pinscher needs their mouthing curbed or has shown aggression, this expertly-designed humane wire basket muzzle helps provide behavioral control without causing distress. Order the BRONZEDOG muzzle today to train, walk and care for your powerful dog safely and humanely!


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