BRONZEDOG Soft Rolled Leather Dog Collar with QR Code ID Tag – Fits Neck 7″ to 9″ – Vintage Look in Blush Pink



Give your pup a touch of classic style with the BRONZEDOG rolled leather dog collar. This adjustable collar is handcrafted from high quality, full grain leather for unbeatable strength and durability. The rounded edges provide comfort around your dog’s neck while the wax finish protects against moisture, stains, and everyday wear and tear. With its vintage look and feel, this collar adds fashionable flair to your furry friend’s ensemble.

Soft Rolled Leather Design

The BRONZEDOG dog collar features a unique rolled leather design. The collar is crafted from a single piece of top grain leather that is rolled and stitched to create the rounded shape. This gives the collar a softer, more comfortable feel against your dog’s neck compared to flat collars that can dig in and cause irritation. The rolled edge also helps prevent matting and tangling of your dog’s fur, making this collar ideal for long haired breeds.

Fits Necks 7″ to 9″ Adjustable

This leather dog collar comes in one size that adjusts to fit necks measuring 7 to 9 inches in circumference. It secures with a heavy duty stainless steel buckle and has holes spaced 1/2 inch apart for adjustability. Just measure your dog’s neck and adjust the collar to the appropriate hole for a customized, secure fit. The collar measures 12 1/3 inches long when laid flat, providing ample room for adjustments.

Durable Crazy Horse Leather

Constructed from genuine Crazy Horse leather, this collar is built to last through years of everyday walks, playtime, and adventures. Crazy Horse leather has excellent strength and durability because it is made from high quality full grain leather. It gets its signature look from a special wax treatment applied to the surface. This wax coating enables the leather to withstand moisture, stains, and general wear and tear.

Vintage Look Leather Develops a Unique Patina

The wax finish gives BRONZEDOG’s rolled leather collar a beautiful vintage aesthetic right out of the package. Over time and with use, Crazy Horse leather develops creases, scuffs, and a patina that add character and a rugged charm to the collar. Your dog’s collar will become uniquely their own as the leather ages.

Available in Blush Pink

This collar comes in a sweet blush pink color that adds soft, feminine flair to your dog’s look. The pink hue is muted and earthy, achieving a vintage vibe. While making a fashion statement, the neutral pink shade will match with a variety of leashes, harnesses, and other accessories.

Complete with Stainless Steel Hardware

The collar comes complete with a sturdy stainless steel buckle and D-ring leash attachment. The metal hardware will withstand outdoor adventures and hold up through daily use. A stainless steel QR code ID tag is also included so you can customize the collar with your dog’s name and contact information.

Great for Long Haired Dogs

The rounded edges of this rolled leather collar help prevent matting, tangling, and fur damage that can occur with flat collars. Long haired dog breeds will benefit from the smooth rolled design that won’t catch or pull. Keep your furry friend comfortable and their coat beautiful.

Care Instructions

To care for your BRONZEDOG leather dog collar, avoid submerging it in water or using harsh cleaners. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth to clean. Allow the collar to air dry completely when wet. Store out of direct sunlight when not in use, away from extreme heat. With periodic conditioning, your collar will develop a beautiful patina over time.

Give your dog a stylish leather collar that combines durability, comfort, and classic good looks. The BRONZEDOG rolled leather dog collar comes in a range of sizes to fit your pup perfectly. The vintage aesthetic pairs perfectly with dogs of any breed, shape, or size. Pick from nostalgic neutral and pop colors to complement your dog’s unique personality and style. This collar will become a staple piece you and your four-legged friend love for years to come. Order the BRONZEDOG leather collar today!


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