BRONZEDOG Extra Large Metal Dog Muzzle – Safely Control Biting and Eating with This Durable Wire Basket and Leather Dog Muzzle



Is your extra large dog in need of a heavy duty muzzle that can stand up to his strength and size? The BRONZEDOG Metal Dog Muzzle is specifically designed for mastiffs, great danes, saint bernards and other big dogs that need a little extra control and training with their mouths.

This extra large wire basket muzzle is made from quality materials to be secure yet comfortable for your dog. The metal wire basket allows for excellent ventilation to keep your dog cool while the leather straps are soft on your dog’s face. There are 4 fully adjustable straps so you can customize the fit for your dog’s unique head size and shape.

The basket muzzle design allows your dog to pant, drink water and even take small treats while wearing the muzzle. It secures your dog’s mouth closed to prevent biting or eating things off the ground while still allowing them to breathe freely. The length and circumference are specially sized for extra large breed dogs.

Muzzle training is important for any dog wearing a muzzle for the first time. Take it slow, using positive reinforcement to help your dog associate the muzzle with good things. Never force it onto an untrained dog. Muzzles should only be worn for short periods of time under supervision. They are not a solution for ongoing behavior problems – please consult a professional dog trainer if your dog needs long-term training.

Safely manage your powerful pup with the BRONZEDOG Metal Dog Muzzle. Order yours today and take control of excessive biting and eating behaviors!

Extra Large Size Specifically for Big Dogs

The BRONZEDOG Metal Dog Muzzle is made for the largest of dog breeds like:

  • Great Danes
  • Mastiffs
  • Saint Bernards
  • Newfoundlands
  • Rottweilers
  • Cane Corsos
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • German Shepherds
  • And more!

The circumference of the muzzle basket is 17.5 inches and the length is 4.5 inches. Measure your dog’s snout to ensure the right fit before ordering.

This large wire dog muzzle will give you better control over an extra strong and powerful big dog. The metal wire basket design makes it extremely durable while the genuine leather straps are soft yet very secure around your dog’s head.

Full Control Over Biting and Eating Behaviors

Dogs can get carried away sometimes, especially powerful breeds. The BRONZEDOG Dog Muzzle keeps your dog from being able to bite or eat things they shouldn’t while outdoors. key features include:

  • Prevents Biting – Dogs naturally explore with their mouths, which can lead to nipping or biting behaviors if unchecked. This muzzle keeps mouths safely closed without restricting breathing.
  • Stops Eating Off the Ground – Dogs will eat anything they come across outside, which can mean ingesting dangerous or toxic items. The muzzle basket allows panting but limits mouth access.
  • Excellent Ventilation – Wire basket design allows free airflow. Hot dogs can pant to stay cool while wearing this muzzle.

With the BRONZEDOG muzzle, you don’t have to worry about your extra large dog biting anyone or eating dangerous objects outdoors. You maintain control AND keep your dog comfortable.

Customizable Fit for Comfort

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to dog muzzles. That’s why the BRONZEDOG muzzle has 4 fully adjustable leather straps to customize the fit for your individual dog.

  • Measure snout circumference and length.
  • Fit the muzzle basket under the chin.
  • Buckle the leather neck straps for snug but comfortable fit.
  • Adjust top and bottom straps last for perfect fit.

The genuine leather is soft on your dog’s skin while still very durable and secure. The adjustable straps ensure the muzzle stays on safely and can’t be pushed or pulled off. No more wiggling out of the muzzle!

Muzzle Training Is a Must!

The BRONZEDOG Metal Dog Muzzle provides control over biting/eating but it must be introduced properly through positive training. Never simply force a muzzle onto an untrained dog!

Here are some tips for safe muzzle training:

  • Let your dog sniff and investigate the muzzle at their own pace at first.
  • Place a little peanut butter or cheese spread inside the muzzle for them to lick out.
  • Reward with treats and praise for any interaction with the muzzle.
  • Be patient! Training a dog to accept a muzzle may take several days or weeks.
  • Slowly work up to securing the muzzle for very short sessions of wear, building up duration.
  • Keep training sessions positive, rewarding good behavior.

With time and consistency, your dog will better tolerate their new muzzle. Always supervise your dog when using a muzzle and remove immediately if distressed. Muzzles should only be worn temporarily.

Control Problem Behaviors Today!

Don’t let your extra large dog’s biting or eating habits get out of control. The BRONZEDOG Metal Dog Muzzle is the safest and most comfortable way to manage these behaviors while outdoors. The durable wire and leather design is secure enough even for powerful dogs.

Order the BRONZEDOG muzzle today and take back control! We also recommend practicing positive muzzle training to help your dog accept their new accessory. With patience and consistency, you’ll both be able to enjoy more activities together with less worry.


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