BRONZEDOG Durable Steel Wire Basket Muzzle for Pitbulls – Humane & Adjustable Restraint for Training and Managing Behavior



Is your energetic pitbull puppy still learning good manners? Does your senior pit get grumpy at the vet or groomer? BRONZEDOG’s heavy-duty steel muzzle allows you to safely manage and train your pitbull’s behavior. This durable metal basket muzzle provides effective yet comfortable control.

Premium Steel Construction Offers Strength & Durability

Our pitbull muzzles are constructed from high-quality stainless steel wire, ensuring superior durability and strength. While tough enough to withstand daily use, the metals bars allow your dog ample panting room.

The basket shape gives your dog comfort while keeping their mouth restricted. Four adjustable leather straps allow you to customize the muzzle’s fit to your pitbull’s unique face shape. We want your dog as comfortable as possible while keeping unwanted behavior curbed.

Allows Your Dog to Pant, Drink, and Take Treats

A good dog muzzle shouldn’t prevent your dog from engaging in natural behaviors like panting and drinking. BRONZEDOG’s pitbull muzzles allow ample air flow so your pup can pant comfortably on walks.

The metal bars are spaced wide enough for your dog to accept treats and sip water during training sessions. Restricting access to food and water for too long can be dangerous to your dog’s health. Our basket muzzles let you train your pitbull without compromising their wellbeing.

Perfect for Stopping Excessive Barking, Biting, and Chewing

Pitbulls are strong, energetic dogs originally bred for bull baiting. They sometimes direct their strength and excitement towards unwanted behaviors like:

Aggressive barking
Lunging at strangers or animals during walks
Play biting that’s too rough
Destructive chewing at home
BRONZEDOG’s heavy-duty muzzle gives you control over these behaviors without causing your dog discomfort or frustration. Our pitbull-friendly design lets your pup relax while curbing problem habits.

Custom Fit for Optimal Comfort and Security

One size doesn’t fit all dog breeds. Our pitbull muzzles come in 4 sizes to give your pup the perfect fit:

Small: Snout Girth of 7 inches
Medium: Snout Girth of 9 inches
Large: Snout Girth of 12 inches
X-Large: Snout Girth of 15 inches
Measure the girth of your pitbull’s snout before choosing a size. Proper sizing ensures security without overly tight discomfort.

The 4 adjustable leather straps let you custom fit the muzzle to your pup’s unique head shape. Your dog can pant, drink, and take treats while staying safely muzzled.

Use Cases:

BRONZEDOG’s heavy-duty pitbull muzzles are ideal for:

– Training – Stop biting, nipping, and excessive barking during obedience lessons. The muzzle lets your dog focus without bad behaviors.

– Play Time – Prevent your energetic pitbull from roughhousing too aggressively with other dogs.

– Vet Visits – Nervous pitties won’t be able to snap from fear or discomfort.

– Grooming – Stylish pitties have to sit still during bath time and nail trims. The muzzle keeps them calm.

– Public Safety – Reduce chances of biting when strangers approach your leashed pitbull. Muzzled pups put folks at ease.

Order a Heavy-Duty Basket Muzzle for Your Pitbull Today!

Don’t let unwanted behaviors jeopardize your bond with your pittie. BRONZEDOG’s durable steel muzzle allows you to curb problems safely and humanely. Your energetic pal can still play, train, walk, and live their best life – just with less nipping and barking.

Choose from convenient color and size options to find the perfect muzzle for your pup. Order today to gain control and start more positive training sessions.


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