Brapezie Humane Dog Training Collar – Effective Yet Gentle Vibration Collar for Dogs



Tired of ineffective or inhumane solutions for training your dog? Introducing the revolutionary Brapezie Humane Dog Training Collar that uses gentle yet effective vibrations to reinforce commands and behaviors. Forget about pain, fear or frustration during training – this collar relies on positive reinforcement to get results.

With a range of up to 2000 feet, this remote training collar allows you to train your dog in any environment. The easy-to-use remote has a safety keypad lock to prevent accidental button pushes. Choose between sound, light and vibration modes to find what works best for your dog’s temperament. With 99 intensity levels, you can start gentle and increase as needed for stronger reinforcement.

Waterproof and built to withstand the elements, the Brapezie Dog Training Collar receiver is designed with advanced hermetic technology. No need to remove when your dog is swimming, hiking, camping or enjoying outdoor adventures. It’s also easy to clean after muddy hikes or playing at the beach. A quick 2 hour charge delivers 15 days of operation.

The remote transmitter offers an incredible 45 days of use on a single charge. Easily train two dogs at once with the dual dog system. The slim remote is designed to fit comfortably in your hand or slide into a pocket when not in use. Know exactly when your dog is receiving a correction with the LCD screen.

Additional features like the built-in emergency tracking light and reflective belt make this collar about more than just training. Locate your dog after dark by remotely activating the bright LEDs on the collar. The reflective strip offers increased nighttime visibility for safety.

Customize the perfect fit with five adjustable collar sizes from 8 to 24 inches. Safely train dogs weighing 20 to 120 pounds. The ergonomic receiver sits snugly against your dog’s neck to ensure consistent skin contact which maximizes vibration effectiveness.

Stop struggling with ineffective training tools or inhumane shock methods. The Brapezie Dog Training Collar uses intelligent technology to reinforce your commands through vibrations and sound. Regain control without causing pain or fear during the training process. The waterproof receiver and long-lasting battery life allow you to train anytime, anywhere. Focus on positive reinforcement and see the best results from your beloved dog.


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