Brapezie Bark Collar with Remote – Gentle and Effective Dog Training



Tired of your dog’s incessant barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? Want a safe and humane way to train your furry friend without resorting to shock collars? Look no further than the Brapezie Bark Collar with Remote. This innovative collar has all the features you need to curb excessive barking and reinforce good behavior.

Auto and Remote Modes for Versatile Training

The Brapezie Bark Collar operates in both automatic and remote-controlled modes. When you’re away, simply switch to auto mode, adjust the sensitivity level, and let the collar do its work. The collar senses vibrations when your dog barks and delivers a harmless but effective deterrent. This prevents annoying barking from bothering neighbors and destruction of your home and belongings.

When you’re home for hands-on training, use the included remote to activate tone, light, and vibration deterrents. With 16 adjustable vibration levels, you can find the perfect setting for your dog. The remote has an impressive 2000ft range, allowing you to reinforce training indoors and outdoors.

Completely Safe and Humane

Unlike shock collars that use painful static correction, the Brapezie Collar relies on vibration, tones, and lights to curb and correct barking habits. This positive reinforcement training is completely painless and gentle on your dog’s neck. There are no metal prongs digging into your dog’s skin. Our collar helps train your dog in a stress-free manner, avoiding any accidental shocks or trauma.

Advanced Features for Security and Convenience

A built-in safety lock prevents accidental button pushes, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently activating the deterrents. The waterproof collar receiver allows your dog to swim and play in the rain freely. An innovative tracking light makes it easy to locate your pup at night, while the built-in flashlight illuminates your path.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts 15 days on the collar and 45 days on the remote. A quick 2 hour charge has your collar ready for extended training sessions. The remote displays battery life and all training mode activations clearly on an intuitive LCD screen.

Contemporary, Durable Design

In addition to its smart features, the Brapezie Collar looks as good as it functions. The sleek receiver and remote feature a stylish piano lacquer finish that resists scratches and damage. The smooth, ergonomic handles provide a secure, comfortable grip.

The adjustable collar fits neck sizes 8 to 24 inches, perfect for small, medium, and large breed dogs. It securely fastens with a sturdy buckle and strap. Despite its ruggedness, the collar still looks modern and refined.

Train Your Dog Humanely

Stop excessive barking and reinforce obedience without shock or pain. The Brapezie Bark Collar uses intelligent features and gentle deterrents to curb barking and train your dog effectively. Dual modes, smart safety features, and durable design make training convenient for owners and stress-free for dogs. Get peace of mind and a well-behaved pet with this innovative humane bark collar.


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