Bousnic Dog Training Collar with Remote – Humane yet Effective Dog Training for All Breeds and Sizes



Having an unruly or disobedient dog can be extremely frustrating. But you don’t have to pull your hair out or give up on training your pup. The Bousnic Dog Training Collar is the humane yet highly effective solution you’ve been looking for. This advanced dog shock collar makes it easy to correct your dog’s bad behaviors, big or small, while still being gentle and safe.

With a range of up to 3300 feet, this dog training collar keeps working even when your pup wanders far outside. The remote pairs with two collars simultaneously, perfect for multi-dog households. An adjustable shock level from 1-99 lets you use the precise intensity needed for your dog’s size and temperament. For extra gentle guidance, the collar also has beep and vibration modes. The collar is completely waterproof for use in any weather or wet conditions.

This dog shock collar is designed for dogs 5-120 lbs, with adjustable collar straps to fit small, medium and large breed necks. The collar has snug contact points to work through thick fur. The remote is easy to use with highly visible buttons, and security on/off prevents accidental shocks.

Key Features

  • Humane stimulation levels: Adjustable beep, vibration, and static shock modes provide gentle yet firm behavior reinforcement
  • Long 3300ft range: Keep corrections consistent even at a distance
  • Dual collars: Train two dogs at once with this 2 dog shock collar system
  • All weather: Waterproof collar receiver for use rain or shine
  • Perfect fit: Adjustable collar fits necks 5″ – 22″ for any breed 5-120 lbs
  • Built to last: Rechargeable batteries last up to 15 days (collar) and 1 month (remote)

Humane Stimulation for Effective Results

Having multiple stimulation modes allows you to reinforce your dog’s training with the perfect level of intensity. For very mild unwanted behaviors, the beep and vibration modes get your dog’s attention without any discomfort. The static shock mode provides more authority while remaining gentle and humane.

With 99 adjustable shock levels, you can fine tune the exact intensity needed for your specific dog. Higher settings work well for thick coats and stubborn large breeds like huskies or German shepherds. Lower shock levels are ideal for sensitive small dogs like chihuahuas and Yorkies. This versatility makes the collar effective for any breed or size while reducing risk of over-correction.

Train Off Leash with Expansive Remote Range

With a 3300 foot remote range, this shock collar keeps working even when your dog is far outside the house or yard. Take your training to the park, hiking trails or camping without losing consistency. Even if your pup takes off after a squirrel, you can still reinforce commands like “come” at a distance.

The remote utilizes a reliable radio frequency signal that penetrates through obstacles. Walls, trees and other barriers won’t disrupt the transmission between remote and collar. Just press the stimulation button as soon as an unwanted behavior starts, without needing line of sight.

Perfect for Multi-Dog Homes

Having two misbehaving dogs can make training extremely difficult. With the dual collar capacity, you can train two pups at the same time with consistent corrections. No need to chase down each dog one at a time. Just assign one collar to each dog and you’ll have perfect obedience in no time.

The dual collar feature is also great for closely bonded pairs. Some dogs get extremely anxious when separated from their buddy. With two collars, you don’t have to isolate them for individual training. Both dogs will learn good behavior simultaneously while staying together.

Built for All-Weather Durability

Don’t let rain, snow or wet grass stop your training. The waterproof collar receiver can handle full submersion without any issues. Feel free to use it near water or in heavy storms. The remote control should be kept dry, but the collar won’t have any problems if your dog takes an unexpected swim or downpour.

The durable design holds up to rugged outdoor activity too. The collar receiver is constructed from impact-resistant ABS plastic that can take bumps and scratches. The components are sealed tightly to prevent dirt, dust and debris from getting inside. Your investment is protected for years of effective use.

Get Fast Results with Proper Fit

In order for the shock collar to work properly, it needs full contact with your dog’s skin through the fur. The receiver has rounded edges to prevent irritation and long contact points to penetrate thick coats. Adjust the collar tightness so the contacts press firmly against your dog’s neck.

The collar strap adjusts from 5 to 22 inches, suitable for any breed from tiny chihuahuas to massive mastiffs. Just measure your dog’s neck and set the collar to the appropriate size. For very fluffy dogs, try trimming the fur around the neck so the contact points reach the skin.

Safety On/Off Prevents Accidents

The remote has a critical on/off switch to prevent accidental shocks when not actively training your dog. Always keep it in the off position when playing with your dog or carrying the remote in your pocket. The lighted indicator will confirm the device is deactivated.

For extra precaution, have your dog wear the inactive collar for a few days before starting any stimulation. This gets them used to the sensation of wearing the collar, so they don’t associate it with corrections. Safety first!

Long Lasting Power for Weeks of Use

You’ll be able to train for weeks between charges thanks to the long-life lithium polymer batteries. The collar receiver lasts up to 15 days per charge, while the remote lasts over a month. No more frustrating battery swaps in the middle of a session.

When it’s time to recharge, simply plug both the collar and remote into any USB port. The indicator lights turn red when charging and green once fully charged. With power that keeps going, you can reinforce training day after day.

We Stand Behind Our Product

Your satisfaction with our dog training collar is our top priority. We provide a 45 day money back guarantee, so you can try it for over a month risk-free. We also include a 1 year replacement warranty in case of any manufacturing defects. Our friendly customer service is ready to assist if you have any issues or questions.

For a humane yet effective dog training collar that covers all the bases, choose the Bousnic Dog Shock Collar. With adjustable stimulation modes, a long range remote, and a waterproof design, it has everything you need to train your dog off leash. The dual collar capacity lets you train two dogs at the same time. Say goodbye to misbehavior and improve obedience, even at a distance. Order today and take control!


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